SISTAR’s Soyu Makes a Blunt Comment about Lee Moon Sae’s Income on SBS’ “Healing Camp”

SISTAR‘s Soyu cornered legendary senior singer Lee Moon Sae with a blunt comment.

On the April 6 episode of SBS‘s “Healing Camp,” Soyu says to Lee Moon Sae, “I heard you make a lot of money because the junior singers do so many remakes of your songs.” She then comments, “I heard you built a building with that money.”

Lee Moon Sae doesn’t let the comment fluster him and shows off his wit and sense of humor, saying, “Soyu, you should also remake my songs and build a building.”

Meanwhile, Byun Jin Seob and Lee Jung, who are well-known for being good friends with Lee Moon Sae, also visited the set as guests and revealed everything about him, turning the set upside down.

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