BEAST’s Doojoon Receives Praise for His Acting On “Let’s Eat 2”

BEAST’s Doojoon is getting praise for being a natural at acting on “Let’s Eat 2.”

He stars as the main character, Goo Dae Young, in both seasons of this drama and is doing so well it makes people forget the stereotype of idols being unable to act.

Doojoon is very much in sync with his role, perfectly expressing the character’s outgoing and social personality.

On the episode that aired on April 7, Goo Dae Young’s approachable personality is clearly demonstrated when he visits a dance studio for the elderly and shouts, “Ladies, shall we dance?” in front of people he’s seen for the very first time.

Not only is Doojoon talented in acting, he also does a great job in eating scenes– the highlight of this drama. Goo Dae Young turns every food scene into a CF and automatically makes the audience’s mouths water. Since this drama airs at such a late hour, he is now known to make the viewers crave a late-time meal.

Meanwhile, “Let’s Eat 2” will focus on the lives of those living alone and the ways they deal with loneliness.

Make sure to catch Doojoon’s superb acting on “Let’s Eat 2” airing every Monday and Tuesday at 11 p.m. KST!

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