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On “I’m Going to School,” new cast members Brown Eyed GirlsGa In and SHINee‘s Taemin get seriously nervous when they find out they’re going to be enrolled in acting classes for the show.

The premise of “I’m Going to School” is that stars are sent back to high school for a week, where they’re expected to live like any other student and adapt to the workload and social pressures.

When Ga In receives her school uniform, she says to herself “It’s really pretty!” She’s a little surprised when she finds a badge on her blazer that reveals she’ll be attending an arts high school. This shouldn’t be a problem for an accomplished singer and dancer!

ga in 7

In fact, Ga In is excited when she checks out the other part of her uniform – a ballet outfit complete with ballet shoes and a leotard that she says looks just like a costume she’s performed in before. When she finds the skirt that goes with it, she jokingly asks, “Ah, I couldn’t borrow this for my performance today, could I?” She then realizes the skirt is see-through and laughs loudly, saying it looks risqué.

“What am I gonna do, the kids are going to think I’m trying to look sexy!” Her PD replies, “The students will be wearing the same thing.” “Ah, yeah but I’ll look a bit different compared to the kids…” she laughs.

ga in 2

Still, all is well and good until she reads her schedule and sees that she’s been enrolled in the school’s drama department!

“Everyone seriously hates my acting,” she says with concern, laughing nervously. “Oh no, what am I going to do about my awful acting?!”

ga in 4
“It would be better if I could just study! I would just have to pay attention to the lectures. Send me to an international school or something instead! What do I do if they ask me to perform something?!”

taemin 4

Although Taemin actually studied at an arts high school, he’s also worried like Ga In. At first he’s pretty confident when he sees that he’ll be going to an arts school.

taemin 2

The PD then asks him what department he was in at his school. “I was in the musical department,” he says, “so the film and theater department would be…”

taemin school 1

Then he falters. “Ah it’s the acting side of things…” He laughs nervously as he admits that this is going to be very different from what he’d learned in school.

taemin musical

taemin drama

Indeed, while he seems to be pleased with his abilities during the “Musical” section of their class, he looks more than a bit baffled by the “Drama” section.

The teachers at this school are seriously intense. After two other students do screen tests (and seem to be acting their hearts out), one of the teachers coolly says, “I’d like to see something more natural.” The other teacher next to her has his arms crossed as he says, “Have you got anything else prepared?” Ouch.

taemin ga in 1
Watching this from the back of the classroom, Ga In and Taemin look like they’re scared out of their minds. Then Ga In’s nightmare comes true and they are put in front of the camera to do their very own screen test!

ga in taemin 4

Check out a clip from this preview of their first day at school below, and find out what happens next on April 11’s episode of “I’m Going to School“!

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