Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - April Week 2

Two new dramas have joined our must-watch list, spicing up our fresh top 10!


1. “Hogu’s Love”: Shut up and do it!

On the finale episode of this quirky drama, things were finally resolved between Hogu‘s sister, Ho Kyung, and uptight lawyer Kang Chul when he angrily yanked her away from having tea with the bad guy to explain his feelings for her. She told him in situations like this, he should just shut up and kiss her! We were kind of surprised the second couple’s kiss was so amazing, but hey, it worked for us!

2. “Heard It Through The Grapevine“: Call 911!

Things relaxed a bit in the Han household this past week, but In Sang‘s parents still managed to show their pettiness with some hilarity.

When the youngsters and servants enjoy some super spicy noodles, Mr. Han feels left out and whines to his wife about not being invited. She calls the kitchen to have some served to them, but craziness ensues once the hot, spicy food hits their mouths.

Mrs. Han immediately spits it out while Mr. Han tries to swallow and then screams for his wife to call 119, sure that he’s dying. It becomes worse for Mr. Han when he brushes his teeth; it just scalds his tongue more. Hilarious!

3. “The Girl Who Sees Smells“: Getting an eyeful

Thanks to Oh Cho Rim‘s eye for scents, her first case with Choi Mu Gak is a success. After a wild motor chase through the streets, she ultimately sniffs out an elusive robber in a men’s locker room of a sauna, quickly disguising herself as a guy to help with the capture. However, during the arrest, her female identity is accidentally exposed to a room of traumatized, half-naked male witnesses. With the exception of one exhibitionist, the men scramble to cover themselves up while Cho Rim runs screaming out of the room. This will teach her that there are hazards to being a sleuth!

4. “Super Daddy 10”: A twisted heroine

Utterly defeated after Yeol declares that his marriage to Mi Rae will be real from now on, Ji Hye gets very drunk. As she drags herself to the elevator, Mi Rae decides to “help” her in. Once the elevator doors close, Mi Rae drops the kind facade and threatens Ji Hye to stay away from Yeol. Meanwhile, Yoo Ra, another pest in Mi Rae’s life, happens to stumble upon the scene. Refusing to get on when our heroine orders her to, Mi Rae grabs Yoo Ra by the hair and lets her know not to mess with her daughter Sarang.

It’s refreshing to see Mi Rae not keep her feelings in and act on them instead. We hope she does it more often because her wrath leads to priceless scenes like this!

5. “Angry Mom”: High school is a war zone

Recently, the bully Bok Dong returned to school only to immediately get involved in an argument with bully-in-charge Sang Tae. Sang Tae belittled him, which angered both Bok Dong and Kang Ja, and it didn’t take long before an all-out brawl broke out. Teacher Noah tried to break up the fight but was continually and embarrassingly knocked to the ground each time.

Once it was over, all four looked like they had been through an explosion. We found Teacher Noah’s hair especially charming.

6. “Shine Or Go Crazy“: I’ll die to let you live

Sniff! Se Won-ah, how could you do this? It has been several days, but we get teary-eyed every time we think about this scene.

Evil Consul Wang orders Se Won to kill Shin Yool, not realizing that she’s his long lost sister. So, Se Won does the only thing he feels an older brother could do for his sister—sacrifice his own life. We would have preferred our cutie to reveal the evil plot and go into hiding, but he feels that someone like him who has lived by the sword has no right to wish for a different life nor burden his sister. We may not agree with his logic, but we understand why he made this sacrifice. Now, go and join your mother! May you have a happy reunion. Sniff …


7. “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle“: At least they’re together

This past week, the long-separated sisters, Soon Jin and Soon Jung, finally reunited. With each other’s support, we are hopeful that they’ll have renewed courage and strength to withstand their adversities.


8. “Falling for innocence”: The real boss around here

When Kang Min Ho strolls into his uncle’s company like he already owns the place, Kim Soon Jung lets him know she’s not having it. Not caring who he is, she tells him that the rules apply to him, and just like anybody else, he must set up an appointment before he can see his uncle. Min Ho is clearly not used to this show of defiance, and when he disregards her, she calls security on him. It was only when her friend, Joon Hee, intervened that she let him off the hook.

Min Ho’s bad boy reputation in the corporate world precedes him, but we love that Soon Jung stood up to him. Unfortunately, we doubt he took it well.


9. “Blood”: To be human

Ji Sang’s wish to be human came true when he injected the formulated vaccine that the medical director used for himself, and he began to feel normal vital signs. Though there could be a higher risk of harm for him in the long run, he still tried to use it just once and shared the moment with Ri Ta. He took her hand and put it over his heart to feel it beat. He then put her other hand on his face so that she could feel his warmth. Gaaah, this is sweet!


10. “Unkind Women”: Listen! That’s not it!

As he seeks the affection of Hyun Jung, Lee Moon Hak has been charming her family. Along with his great-nephew, Doo Jin, they join them for lunch at their house. The upbeat mood at the table becomes awkward though when Hyun Jung starts crying. Unable to tell them that she has learned that her father is alive, everyone assumes that she’s emotional because she’s engaged and pregnant with Moon Hak’s child! LOL. Even when she tells them they’re wrong since she’s never even held his hand, they hold on to their assumption. Although he’s put on the spot, Moon Hak goes along with the misunderstanding, actually seemingly willing to step in and be the imaginary child’s father. LOL. Either he is a gentleman or is deeply in love with Hyun Jung to consider even going to this length, but luckily, all the confusion is resolved. Maybe after this incident, Hyun Jung soften a bit toward Moon Hak.

We hope you enjoy our latest picks! Please drop some of your thoughts below, and let’s meet again next week!

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