14 Cheesiest Pick-Up Lines from Song Jae Rim on

Song Jae Rim spits out pick-up lines like G-Dragon cranks out a hit single.

You may have seen the model-turned-actor on K-Dramas such as “Surplus Princess” or the currently airing “Unkind Women.

And if you’ve seen him on reality show “We Got Married,” you’ve probably cringed at the cheesy, unscripted pick-up lines directed at his virtual wife, Kim So Eun. I grimaced a few times, but I also couldn’t help but admire the creativity.

The man keeps them coming like a hot line of sugary pastries when the Krispy Kreme light is on – now that takes talent. Kudos, Song Jae Rim: makes me want to see you try your hand at improv.

1. “Some people fuel up with gas, I fuel up with affection.”

So that’s how we’re starting this matrimonial journey, eh? Bring it on!

we got married song jae rim

2. “My lips remember.”

Upon giving Kim So Eun a mini saxophone lesson, Song Jae Rim gives her the reed, delivered with this gem. I never knew woodwind instruments could make me feel like I’m being seduced – yet also cause me to wince.

we got married song jae rim

3. “I must be lovesick.”

A hospital visit doesn’t mean his knack for syrupy dialog is on hiatus.

we got married song jae rim

4. “I like chicken wings the most…to fly to you.”

Sweet talk can also be a dish served greasy and deep fried.

5. “My heart is an entrance.” (Episode 242)

Shopping for household items = opportunity for romance, with a side of Camembert. 

we got married song jae rim

6. “I’m addicted to the drug of So Eun’s smile.”

I’m surprised he didn’t use this as a prelude to a few bars of EXO’s “Overdose.”

7. “No flowers can hide your beauty.” (Episode 248)

And no flowers can hide the overpowering fragrance of Song Jae Rim’s honeyed cajolery.

we got married ep 248 song jae rim

8. “You’re out of stock to me. You don’t need new styles.” (Episode 248)

This is Song Jae Rim’s response to wedding dress shopping. Somebody stop him – or at least make him pay a fine – there should be a cheese limit tipping point.

9. How can I not smile when I look at you? (Episode 249)

Is it possible to cringe with your entire body? I’ve actually heard this line before – however, the guy was nowhere near as adorable as SJR. 

10. Are you making goldfish bread…alone? (Episode 250)

I kind of liked this one. I suddenly have a desire to make goldfish bread. And I don’t even like red bean.

song jae rim we got married

11. “I found the stars…they’re in your eyes.”

No, SJR, I found the stars – they’re on your tongue.

12. “I don’t know if I married a flower or you.”(Episode 251)

I don’t know about that, but I do know that I need a shot of insulin to digest this marriage.

13. “First you took my heart. Then you take my hands and feet.”

But, you, virtually wedded husband, take home the win for Cheesiest Husband In The World. Congrats.

14. “You light my way in the dark.” (Episode 252)

Not as much as your charms lead my way to lactose intolerance.

we got married song jae rim

Which lines did you love? Which ones made you cringe?

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