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With all the hush-hush going on about the upcoming variety drama, “Producer,” I started thinking about what surprises awaits the eager and excited fans for its premiere. As one of those fans, I also started thinking about how different this role is for IU, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, led me to thinking about my favorite role of hers to date: Our Woman Crush Wednesday this week, Lee Soon Shin from “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin.”

The drama itself certainly had its flaws, but, for me, it never diminished the happiness I felt at watching our leading lady grow, succeed, and fall in love.

Here’s my five reasons why Lee Soon Shin is a woman worth crushing on (spoilers ahead).

1. Lee Soon Shin has a dream… but she also has her doubts.

WCW_Lee Soon Shin_Doubt

Although it’s nice to see the typical hero or heroine boldly going after their dreams and doing everything they possibly can to reach their ambitions, I found it refreshing to see a slightly different approach from Lee Soon Shin. It was actually pleasant to watch her as she found something to be passionate about, but I adored that she still maintained a sense of insecurity. Lee Soon Shin didn’t decide to blindly toss everything out the window in order to become an actress. Instead, she thought about whether or not it was possible. She weighed her choices and reached a decision to go for it, but still with applied caution.

Of course, the fact that she got scammed the first time contributed a lot to her caution, but Lee Soon Shin proves that there is more to her than that. The thoughts that she had when she quit her training through Gabi Entertainment and during the times when Shin Joon Ho was trying to convince her to return is clear evidence of that.

2. She speaks what’s on her mind.

WCW_Lee Soon Shin_Mind

Lee Soon Shin has always been pretty vocal about her thoughts, both with her family and with the friends around her. She has no qualms with raising her voice in order to make her thoughts heard and she handles confrontations well. Lee Soon Shin does not cower in the face of difficulties, like Choi Yeon Ah, but most importantly, she’s not afraid to be upfront with Shin Joon Ho by telling him that the reason for their temporary break-up was not in her best interest and did absolutely nothing to help her. She did not hesitate to let him know that he disappointed her by disappearing when she needed him the most and for that vulnerable yet courageous moment, there was no turning back for me in loving Lee Soon Shin completely.

3. Lee Soon Shin is a prankster.

There’s nothing better than a woman who can take a joke… except a woman who initiates it! There’s something incredibly exhilarating and just plain fun about waiting with glee for the next peal of laughter from Lee Soon Shin or a look of terror on cowardly Shin Joon Ho’s face. As an alternative, it’s just as fun watching Shin Joon Ho getting shocked speechless with Lee Soon Shin’s antics. It’s absolutely priceless! And I love every moment of it.

4. She’s warm enough to embrace her family – all of her family.

WCW_Lee Soon Shin_Family

Lee Soon Shin is one of those poor Dramaland heroines that got dealt a cruel birth secret card. After all, having her selfish birth mother be the cause of her loving adoptive father’s death is nothing short of a double whammy. As if that wasn’t already bad enough though, she’s forced to deal with the loud, migraine inducing family drama from all sides.

Tossed around like a rag doll, borderline verbally abused, and shoved from one family to another, Lee Soon Shin still loves her family with all her heart. Of course, it’s natural to be reluctant to love a birth mother like Song Mi Ryung when her flaws and entire past is all laid out in the open, but, in the end, Lee Soon Shin overcomes her familial difficulties and calls her “mom.” Despite my dislike for Song Mi Ryung, it was still incredibly touching and gives further insight into the kind of woman that Lee Soon Shin is.

5. Lee Soon Shin is self confident.

It may seem like a contradiction to the first reason listed above, but… not quite!

Lee Soon Shin may have self doubts… but she won’t allow other people’s doubts about her affect her mentality and demeanor. Try as Choi Yeon Ah might, she could never break down Lee Soon Shin’s rock solid confidence when it came to acting, especially when the director of “Love Recipe” simply adored Lee Soon Shin’s abilities. In the end, Choi Yeon Ah only set herself up and ruined her own image.

Also worth mentioning, Yoon Soo Jung, Shin Joon Ho’s mother, demeaned Lee Soon Shin to smithereens and tried to separate the couple, but Lee Soon Shin only continued to smile and date Shin Joon Ho happily. She cast aside all notions that she was not worthy of him and made her own judgments. If they were happy together, that’s all that mattered!

Soompiers, what do you think about Lee Soon Shin? Did you like her as much as I did? Who else would you like to see featured as a Woman Crush? Let me know in the comments below!

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