Lee Min Ho Takes Part in Couple Shoot with New YG Artist Kim Ji Soo

Actor Lee Min Ho has taken part in a fresh spring photo shoot along with new YG artist Kim Ji Soo.

The shoot for casual bag brand Samsonite Red, released April 9, features Lee Min Ho sporting a variety of Spring looks. Alongside him is the fresh-faced Kim Ji Soo, a new YG artist who is expected to soon make her debut with a new girl group. Together, the pair are reminiscent of an exciting Spring romance.

From a casual sweatshirt and jeans ensemble to a handsome, clean-cut look, Lee Min Ho completes this Spring’s “boyfriend look” to perfection.

leeminho_kimjisoo1 leeminho_kimjisoo3

Newcomer Kim Ji Soo, meanwhile, looks the part of the “campus queen” in her casual denim and lovely professional looks.

leeminho_kimjisoo4 leeminho_kimjisoo2

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