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In the sixth episode of “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” Yoo Joon Sang‘s character Han Jung Ho is so overcome with rage at his son (played by Lee Joon), who is standing on a lower level, that he tries to jump over the banister in their home to get at him.

However, he hits himself in the groin on the banister and yells out in pain as his family members, dinner guests, and servants rush to intervene and protect Lee Joon’s character. When he does free himself from the banister, he grabs his groin in pain for a moment before leaping down to pounce on his son.

According to Yoo Joon Sang, this was not acting, but real, non-scripted agony!

In a video uploaded by SBS, he explains the incident while he’s giving a tour of the drama’s set in-character. He even gets out a whiteboard to illustrate what happened with stick figures. “To be honest, I was trying to just jump over the banister here to get down … I put my leg over the banister, but the height of it and my own height coincided, and so I was dealt a considerably large shock right here at this spot,” he says, indicating the railing.

In a recent press conference, Yoo Joon Sang clarified that this was entirely an accident.

“I really got stuck there while I was jumping over it. It wasn’t written in the script,” he explains.

He says that the director called the scriptwriter right away and explained what happened, and told them to consider it part of the storyline.

“The crew were all laughing their heads off,” he says. “Thankfully it didn’t turn into a blooper.”

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