Park Myung Soo recently expressed his jealousy over EXO’s popularity and success with the group’s newest album “EXODUS” in a hilarious way.

On the April 12 live radio broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” the topic of EXO and their second album came about in the middle of a discussion with music critic Lee Dae Hwa.

During the discussion, Lee Dae Hwa stated, “Albums don’t usually earn much profit through online sales. [Artists] make profit when physical albums are sold, and EXO’s second album has already reached 500,000 in preorders. When [fans] start to like [artists] as people, they start buying physical albums.”

In response, Park Myung Soo expressed, “I’m jealous. If I get surgery for my jaw, ‘flip’ my eyes (surgery), and implant some hair, will people like me?” causing listeners to laugh.

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