Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - April Week 3

Welcome to another top 10 that’s awash with sweep-you-off-your-feet romance and gut-busting gags! Please enjoy!

1. “Super Daddy 10“: For sure!

Still high from his latest triumph, Yeol fondly recalls Sa Rang calling him Dad. He is met with Mi Rae‘s light teasing, which eventually turns into an expression of gratitude. He has made her realize that not everything has to be perfect for her to be happy. When she moves to leave, he holds her back and leans in for a kiss. She avoids it, though, and he notes that her feelings for him are not 100 percent. However, his dismay is quickly wiped away when she kisses him.

Her kiss says it all: She loves him 100 percent.

2. “The Girl Who See Smells“: I’m a monster, too!

Nothing gets us giddy like a brand spanking new OTP inching closer together as they take off their masks and reveal themselves to each other which is why it was easy for us to forgive the unusually sharp-eyed kid who noticed Cho Rim‘s eye color and called her a monster. No, but seriously, why couldn’t his mom keep him quiet?

While we were upset that Cho Rim was ridiculed and embarrassed for something she had no control over, we loved that it allowed Mu Gak to reveal that he’s a “monster,” too. He opened up to her about his personal loss and what led to his inability to feel physical pain. Now, she knows that she’s not alone. Aren’t these two the cutest pair of monsters ever?


3. “Blood“: Wait over!

We watched them banter and ever so slowly develop feelings for each other episode after episode, and with just a couple of weeks away from the finale, it happened! This! Finally!

On the 16th episode of “Blood,” Ji Sang and Ri Ta acted on their attraction, sharing a kiss after he confessed his reason for wanting to become human. He wanted to love her with the warmth of a human heart; however, demonstrating her unconditional feelings for him, she revealed that she would always like him even if he never becomes human.

What an awesome gift to the show’s fans!


4. “The Girl Who Sees Smells“: Solo audience

Amid the investigation of a serial murder case, Mu Gak spares a moment to practice his part of a comedy skit with Cho Rim. Alone in the investigation room, he rehearses in front of the mirror, hilariously contorting his face and accompanying it with a wacky intonation. He ups his campy act when he whips out a wig, oblivious to the laughs of his only audience, Lieutenant Yeom Mi, who has been watching him the entire time through the two-way mirror. We wish we had her front row seat!

5. “Falling for Innocence“: Mess with my style, you get whipped!

When Soo Jung is held hostage by a knife-wielding psycho, Min Ho comes to the rescue. Instinctively, he uses a trick once practiced by his heart donor, Detective Ma. It’s just too bad it doesn’t have the effect he wanted: Min Ho tosses his very expensive watch at the criminal, who only kicks it, leading to its pitiful demise. Upset at the sight of his broken beloved accessory, Min Ho confronts the man. To his own surprise, our hero defends himself really well, masterfully dodging the criminal’s attacks and ultimately flipping him to the ground.

Although we’re impressed with his fighting skills, we also have to raise an eyebrow when Min Ho takes off his shoe to beat up the guy! His brand of justice is both funny and absurd!


6. “Rosy Lovers“: Everything’s forgiven

We don’t much like it when the bad guys are easily forgiven at the end of dramas. The bad guy in “Rosy Lovers” was still unrepentant, but thankfully, he was put behind bars, no longer able to hurt anyone or meddle in the life of others.

Chal Dol also finally got to marry his Jang Mi, and along with their daughter, the three of them became the family they should have been all along!

7. “Shine or Go Crazy“: We will not fight!

Consul Wang seeks to seize power by creating discord, but Wang So knows that peace is what a true ruler fights for, and so, when both armies come face-to-face, he reminds his opponents that it makes no sense for friends and family to fight each other in a war that doesn’t benefit them. With that, the citizens stand up to Consul Wang and get behind their new king. Yeah!


8. “Let’s Eat 2“: Revenge is a dish best served cold, just not this time

Baek Soo Ji has always had a grudge against Gu Dae Young (for an inane reason that goes back to their childhood). So, when he decides to treat her and their neighbors out for dinner, she orders a meal for everyone that’s worth two months rent! Her revenge plan flops, though, when a staff informs Dae Young that their dinner is free since he’s the 100th customer of the day, a part of the restaurant’s 10th anniversary special! Of course, everyone, but Soo Ji, is thrilled with his dumb luck!


9. “Unkind Women“: It’s a family thing

This past week, Ma Ri and her parents were a picture of a happy and united family. It was a scene that seemed to capture a time from Ma Ri’s childhood as she loitered at a kids’ playground with mom and dad. Hyun Sook improved the present good mood when she announced her mission to complete her education and become a youth counselor. Husband Jung Goo Min and Ma Ri are encouraged by her newfound drive and express their unconditional support, offering to help her with her studies.

Because dysfunctional relationships are prevalent in “Unkind Women,” it’s a welcome change to be watching this rare heartwarming moment.

10. “The Lover“: For women only

We just discovered Mnet’s new series “The Lover,” and so, we’re breaking the rules a bit since this sidesplitting scene actually aired a couple of weeks ago. It’s just so hilarious that there’s no way we can’t ever include it in our top 10!

“The Lover” follows four different couples living in the same apartment complex. With this bunch, hijinks abound.

In apartment 610 live Man Goo and her much younger lover, Young Joon. One day, Young Joon decides he needs to bulk up a bit, and the look on Man Goo’s face as he works out mirrors the expression on ours. His exercise involves prancing on the treadmill and struggling to lift weights. He can only manage ten minutes before he quits, but he tells Man Goo his manager gave him some vitamins to take that should also help. Vitamins? Man Goo realizes in horror that the box of vitamins is actually designed for women going through menopause! We’re speechless from laughing!

While that’s all for now, please shout out your favorites below!

Thank you for joining us, and let’s do it again next week!

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