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Katie Kim, winner of “K-pop Star 4,” has chosen YG Entertainment as her new home, and now all that is left is her official debut. Yang Hyun Suk promised, “Katie Kim will first start working out so that she is both healthy and beautiful inside out.”

On April 13, Yang Hyun Suk told Star News, “Katie Kim has decided to head to YG Entertainment. I will have to start pondering over ideas on how to make her debut memorable.”

“Our first task is to make sure she is healthy by making sure she eats well at the YG cafeteria and loses weight by working with the ten trainers at our company,” he added. “Once she is in good shape, her voice will be stronger and she will also obtain a natural beauty.”

Yang Hyun Suk is focusing on Katie’s Kim health because of an incident during the competition. While judging her during an audition, when Katie Kim had faced temporary difficulties, Yang Hyun Suk had commented, “Your voice doesn’t have enough strength. Did you not eat well?”

Lee Hi and Akdong Musician released their debut song only months after they joined YG,” he replied to worries about his reputation for delayed comebacks and debuts. “I will be making sure that Katie Kim debuts as soon as possible for the sake of her and her fans.”

“Katie Kim’s first song will be important for both her career and our company as well,” he added. “I will make sure to give extra care to her debut song.”

Meanwhile, Katie Kim won “K-pop Star” against Jung Sueng Hwan and decided to head to YG. “YG has always helped me out and enjoyed my perforamnces,” she said. “I would not have it to this spot if it wasn’t for them.”

Coming from the United States, the 1993 born girl has captivated viewers’ hearts with her soulful voice.

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