China Picks Their Favorite Korean Names and Brands: “Running Man,” MCM, and More!

Last year, there were more than six million Chinese tourists in Korea, according to Korea Business News Co., Ltd.

In the same year, the Chinese daily newspaper People’s Daily conducted a survey called “42 Korean Brands Chinese Love” with 10,768 Chinese people.

Out of the brands that the Chinese picked, the brands Shin Ramen (Nongshim), Amore Pacific Sulhwasoo, Vita 500, LG Health Life Bamboo Salt Toothpaste, and 18 other brands received high votes, showing that Korea’s health and daily-necessity products are hugely favored.

For durable goods, the brands MCM, Cuckoo Electronic’s Cuckoo Rice Cooker, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, LG Electronic‘s Whisen Air Conditioner, and 10 more were the most liked.

In the service sector, the idol group EXOJeju Special Self-Governing Province, the drama “My Love From the Stars,” the coffee chain Caffe Bene, and 14 others were picked.

Meanwhile, international students in China showed great interest in “hallyu contents” such as the shows “Running Man and “Abnormal Summit,” Korean dramas, idol groups, etc. It should come as no surprise that many of the picks for favorite brands, such as Vita 500 and MCM, are represented by Korean celebrities and idols.

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