In the first few episodes of “Angry Mom,” Go Bok Dong seemed like a fairly straightforward villain, albeit a pitiable one. He was an enforcer for the adults terrorizing Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung), and although he was clearly being pressured, he obeyed his orders, even though they led to Yi Kyung’s death. But as this drama has progressed, Bok Dong has become an increasingly complex character, a child used and abused by the adults in his life. And now, in episode 10, Bok Dong gets his chance to shine and show just what kind of a person he is, and the result is simply marvelous. These were my five favorite scenes of “Angry Mom” episode 10:

1. Confrontation

What a fantastic scene, from beginning to end. I love how in control Kang Ja (Kim Hee Sun) is—she doesn’t let Ahn Dong Chil intimidate her, and instead just expresses a seemingly honest regret that he hasn’t changed for the better after his brother’s death. But she came prepared—when it becomes clear that there is no reasoning with Dong Chil, she pulls a knife on him. This so perfectly sums up why I love Jo Kang Ja: she’s compassionate and generous, but she’s not afraid to protect her loved ones, no matter the cost. And then, as though all of these elements did not make this scene good enough, Noh Ah (Ji Hyun Woo) shows up, after receiving a tip from Bok Dong. After a brief scuffle, Dong Chil advances on Kang Ja, holding her own knife against her… only to be tackled by Noh Ah, who he stabs. I gasped so loudly here. Noh Ah—sweet, gentle, innocent Noh Ah—got stabbed?! What a dynamite way to open the episode.

angry mom kim hee sun finalangry mom kim hee won finalangry mom kim hee sun 2 finalangry mom kim hee won 2 finalangry mom kim hee sun 3 finalangry mom kim yoo jung finalangry mom stab wound final

2. The many ways in which Go Bok Dong cares for Jo Bang Wool

I can’t pick just one of these scenes—I can’t! Bok Dong’s crush on Bang Wool is just too lovely in the way it mixes puppy love and attraction with protectiveness for another parentless child, guilt over his part in Yi Kyung’s death, and a determination to make sure Bang Wool doesn’t share the same fate. Seeing Bok Dong’s attempts to be a white knight for Bang Wool, I’m made even madder by the way that Dong Chil and Jung Woo used and manipulated this essentially good-hearted kid.

angry mom kim hee sun 4 finalangry mom im hyung joon final angry mom jisoo finalangry mom jisoo kim hee sun finalangry mom kim hee sun jisoo go soo hee final

3. Jo Kang Ja, the ultimate mom

Bang Wool may skip class and perform poorly on tests, but she’s still an amazing student in my book—surely she should get at least an automatic B for cooking for Noh Ah, and washing his hair, cleaning his room, and doing his laundry! (Okay, maybe make that a C, since she also laughed at his underwear!)

angry mom kim hee sun ji hyun woo finalangry mom underwear final

4. Jo Kang Ja, the least ultimate singer

This scene was so confusing—on the one hand, it was very nice to look at, since Kim Hee Sun is a knockout beauty. On the other hand… it was very unpleasant to listen to, since Kang Ja is apparently tone-deaf.

angry mom kim hee sun 5 final

5. Bok Dong chooses his side

Awww. Go Bok Dong has finally found the person for whom he’s willing to defy Dong Chil, and her name is Jo Bang Wool. This scene just warmed my heart, even though I was afraid for what Dong Chil would do to Bok Dong. It was so satisfying to see Bok Dong take a stand, no matter the personal cost. And that last shot of Dong Chil dragging away a smiling Bok Dong is just so lovely—yes, Bok Dong has a lot of pain ahead of him, but he can smile, because at least he won’t be complicit in the death of another innocent.

angry mom jisoo 2 finalangry mom kim hee sun 6 finalangry mom jisoo 3 final

What did you think of this episode? Are you as ready as I am for Noh Ah to know who Bang Wool really is? How much is Bok Dong breaking your heart? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch episode 10 of “Angry Mom” here:

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