Chu Sarang Is an Adorable Little Koala in Chu Sung Hoon’s Shirt

Though Chu Sarang is quickly growing up, some things just never change; she is still daddy’s little girl.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns” to air on April 19, Sarang and her dad take her cousin Yume around to enjoy her last day in Tokyo.

In the teaser image, Sarang tries to kiss her dad with kimbab in her mouth, as if she wants him to take a bite. Chu Sung Hoon is grinning happily at her goofiness, playing along with her.

Even when he backs away as she grabs his neck to get her kimbab closer to his face, he cannot help but continue smiling with complete adoration.

She then digs into Chu Sung Hoon’s clothes like a joey in a pouch. With only her face visible, she displays her signature smile.

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