Bumkey Ruled Not Guilty on Drug Dealing and Administering Charges

Hip hop singer Bumkey has been found innocent on the drug charges against him.

The court ruled him innocent in the final hearing that took place in the morning of April 20.

On the artist’s drug dealing charges, the court stated, “We do not have substantial evidence for this case. We only had witness Song and Bae’s testimonies. Witness Song testified that he paid for meth [to Bumkey] in cash, but the prosecution testified that the money was wired. The witnesses stated that they also had other trades with the defendant, but did not provide the evidence to prove this.” The court further added, “Also, the dates, locations, and the specifics of the dealings did not match up.”

Regarding his drug administration charges, the court also ruled him innocent, stating, “Witnesses Song, Bae, Kim, and Noh all testified to the prosecutors that they took the drug together with the defendant in September of 2012, but in court they admitted that they did not see the defendant taking ecstasy when they were administering it. Song did change his testimony and said that he ‘think he saw’ the defendant taking the drug in September of 2011. Although he said that he couldn’t remember if the defendant took the drug in 2012, he claimed that he remembers the defendant taking the drug in 2011, which was hard to understand. We determined that these testimonies did not hold validity.”

“With no substantial evidence and only these testimonies to go off of, we could only rule him innocent,” they concluded.

During the eight hearings, Bumkey allegedly provided alibi and concrete evidence proving his innocence, while the witnesses provided clashing testimonies.

Bumkey was charged with dealing and administering meth and ecstasy in October of last year, and was held in custody since then. He is expected to be released sometime this month.

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