Korea and China's First Joint Idol Audition Show

On April 21, MBC Music and 60 other related domestic and international organizations gathered at Seoul Westin Chosun Hotel for the opening ceremony of the “Super Idol” project.

“Super Idol” is the first-ever joint project between Korea and China, produced by MBC Music and Chinese media TV ZONE, in which they train future idols who will debut in Korea.

According to local media reports, this upcoming show is considered top-quality because China’s representative broadcasting station and media will sponsor the program, and K-Note, a music academy led by songwriter Kim Hyung Suk, will be in charge of training the participants of the show.

Moreover, BEAST will write and sing the theme song of “Super Idol” themselves, along with Kim Jong Kook and The One appearing as judges on the show.

Even though the event in Westin Chosun Hotel was just the opening ceremony and not the official press conference for the show, 20 Chinese portal sites and organizations gathered for “Super Idol” and showed great interest in it.

The representative of Anhui TV stated, “I’m anticipating this joint project of Anhui TV and MBC Plus Media. We will work hard so it can become the best program.”

MBC Plus Media’s representative also stated, “‘Super Idol’ will be a very fun music program, first picking 30 contestants out of the many and then five people in the final stage. Not only will Anhui TV and MBC Music film and air the participants’ training period, but we will also support the five final contestants in the end so that they are deemed true superstars in China and Korea.”

The representative of the affiliated Chinese media also said, “‘Super Idol’ will be different from other audition programs that only show contestants becoming stars ‘overnight’; we will capture the trainees’ passion, hard work, and sweat as they make it through everything. We will provide both fun and heartwarming moments to the audience as we show the trainees’ progress”

Songwriter Kim Hyung Suk, who will be in charge of training 30 Korean and Chinese contestants to grow as superstars, said: “I made connections with China in 2010 for the first time as a producer and that’s when I saw great potential in Chinese idols. K-pop is spreading beyond Asia and is going global. The process of training and educating idol groups play a big part in that influence. We are trying to combine the two countries’ advantages through this program. Now we have everything ready, from talented kids and the best mentors to the most influential broadcasting station.”

Meanwhile, “Super Idol” will have their press conference in July and air on the Chinese broadcasting station Anhui TV and Korea’s MBC Music, MBC Every1, and MBC QueeN.

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