Lee Seo Jin and Ok Taec Yeon Reunite with Puppy Mingki and Goat Jackson for “Three Meals a Day”

tvN relayed some updates on Lee Seo Jin and Ok Taec Yeon‘s filming for “Three Meals a Day” that took place between April 18 and April 20.

A “Three Meals a Day” associate said on April 21, “If the previous trip was about visiting a house that was empty for a while, this time, it was about getting prepared to farm for the year as the weather warmed up.”

They also said, “In the fall season, they took care of the crops that were already there, but this time, they planted what they wanted to and they plowed and fertilized the soil.” They added, “Lee Seo Jin and Ok Taek Yeon went on their own, and were reunited with the goat Jackson and the puppy Mingki.”

Furthermore, producer Na Young Suk said, “Lee Seo Jin doesn’t hate farming. He likes and enjoys having his own space and making it his own. It was a fun shoot.”

Meanwhile, the new season of “Three Meals a Day” will air after the Greece season of “Grandpas over Flowers.”

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