Sung Yuri Reveals How Fin.K.L Got Revenge on Anti-Fan on

Sometimes you just can’t take it anymore, and one anti-fan was unlucky enough to be the last straw for Fin.K.L.

K-pop stars, no matter how beloved by their fans, are often plagued by haters who go to great lengths to slander them, insult them to their faces, and sometimes even hurt them physically.

Actress Sung Yuri knows all about this, as she was a member of the popular girl group Fin.K.L, which was active from 1998 to 2005. On the latest episode of SBS‘s “Healing Camp,” she tells her friend Jung Ryeo Won that Fin.K.L was universally hated by young girls. She says that it was so bad that she still gets scared nowadays when she sees girls in school uniforms.

When Jung Ryeo Won says that her that her own group Chakra used to be terrorized by anti-fans, Sung Yuri tells the story of how Fin.K.L got back at an anti-fan one day.

The anti-fan had been waiting outside their beauty salon, and approached them when they were leaving. She gave the girls a gift with a letter attached and told them she was a fan. Sung Yuri doesn’t divulge what the item actually was or what the letter said, but it was clearly hurtful and shocking for the members when they opened it after they’d got in their van.

“All our emotions had just built up by that point, so we turned the van around and went back,” she says.

The girls then pretended as though they hadn’t yet opened the gift and were therefore just trying to express how grateful they were. “We were like, ‘You gave us a fan letter? Come get in the van for a sec!'”

Jung Ryeo Won can’t believe that the girl actually got in the van with them. Sung Yuri says she seemed pretty naive, and that she seemed to be in middle school or high school.

“Then all four of us were like, ‘What’s wrong with you?!'” she says, banging on the table. “‘What school do you go to?'”

They then called up the girl’s homeroom teacher. “We asked them, ‘Do you know the student so-and-so?’ Then we told her what the girl had done and they apologized on her behalf.”

“The funny thing is,” she adds, “a few years later my stylist asked me, ‘When you were in Fin.K.L, did you by any chance ever have a girl ride in your van with you?'”

When Sung Yuri asked her how she’d heard about it, the girl told her that she was her friend!

“She told me that her friend wanted her to tell me she was really sorry. So I said to her, ‘No, we were the ones who felt really bad about it!'”

You can catch more of this chat between the two K-pop-stars-turned-actresses on “Healing Camp”‘s April 20 episode.

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