Jung Ryeo Won Shares Stories of Anti-Fans Taking Things Way Too Far on “Healing Camp”

Jung Ryeo Won shared stories of when anti-fans took things way too far.

On the April 20 broadcast of SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” actresses Sung Yuri and Jung Ryeo Won go on a healing vacation to Japan.

While on the train to a hot spring, the two share about their past as girl group idols and their run-ins with anti-fans.

Sung Yuri shares, “Wherever we went we would get criticized. Basically, you can see it as any female high school student wearing a school uniform hated us. I thought that female high school students were just people who hated me, so even now if I see someone outside wearing a school uniform I get scared.”

Jung Rye Won chimes in, “Just because we shook hands with a male idol, [anti-]fans stuck knives under an acrylic board so that when we opened it the knives popped out, and we hurt all of our hands. [Another time,] we received a makeup box, but there were traces of it already having been opened. We sniffed it, and it smelled of acetone and vinegar. Back then, that left a huge scar in my young heart.”

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