Kim Jae Won Talks about Taking On His First-Ever Villain Role with SURE Magazine

Actor Kim Jae Won, who is making a long-awaited comeback to the small screen with current MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Hwajung,” is featured in a new pictorial and interview with fashion magazine SURE.

During the interview, he talks about taking on his first villain role ever, namely Injo, the 16th King of the Joseon Dynasty.

SURE magazine

Kim Jae Won reveals that he’s been doing his homework, analyzing and interpreting historical records to try and figure out who the historical Injo might have been like, “It’s iffy to portray [Injo] as cool and charismatic just because he is a king. In the historical records, Injo is not exactly a character that is overflowing with charisma. I am contemplating a lot on this at the moment.”

SURE magazine

SURE magazine

Are you enjoying Kim Jae Won in his first-ever antagonist role?

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