Hong Jong Hyun Talks About His Model Friends + Says He Misses Kim Woo Bin

Model-actor Hong Jong Hyun recently appeared as a special guest on the radio show “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” and talked about his close group of model friends, and also expressed his affection for close friend and fellow model-actor Kim Woo Bin.

On the live radio broadcast of SBS’ Power FM “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” that hit the airwaves on April 21, Hong Jong Hyun was asked about his circle of model-actor friends made up of Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Sung Joon, and Kim Woo Bin.

Hong Jong Hyun shared, “When we all meet, the hyungs almost always pay. For every three or four times that the hyungs pay, we [the younger ones] usually pay about once or twice.”

After hearing this, radio DJ Park So Hyun joked, “Shouldn’t the most popular dongsaeng Kim Woo Bin pay the bill?” In response, Hong Jong Hyun expressed, “Kim Woo Bin is really busy. Woo Bin-ah, I miss you,” causing laughter.

hong jong hyun park so hyun's love game

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