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It’s been a long time coming, but Cha Hong Do from “Heart to Heart” finally joins our list as the next Woman Crush Wednesday. There are plenty of ways in which she’s unique and just oh-so-loveable. Let’s find out what those reasons are, shall we? (Spoilers ahead.)

1. Cha Hong Do is an undiscovered gem.


She’s such an amazing woman, but no one knows it because she’s always hiding. She’s worth her weight in gold, but no one knows how valuable she is because she doesn’t bring any attention to herself. She looks down upon herself for not having a great education, a respectable family, or a big wallet, but Cha Hong Do doesn’t need any of that to stand out. She’s perfect the way she is because she’s a diamond in the rough and that, in and of itself, makes her crush worthy.

2. She’s completely unfiltered.


When she’s home alone or when she’s with Ko Yi Suk, the gateway to her thoughts and opinions swings wide open and the silence is flooded with a quick rush of verbalized honesty. In particular, I love how Cha Hong Do isn’t afraid to curse at the top of her lungs and it just fits into her dialogue so naturally, but the kicker is that her choice of swear words isn’t vulgar or a turn-off. It’s cute because it’s so old-fashioned, you can completely tell that she picked it up from her grandmother.

3. Cha Hong Do is bold and courageous.


Having lived with Anthrophobia since she was a child, I can’t even imagine the mental and emotional strength it must have taken for Cha Hong Do to finally take a step forward in overcoming her disorder. From getting the wits scared out of her at a simple glance from a stranger to the absolute heart stopping, hand trembling, cold sweat terror at the thought of talking to someone, she probably had to gather all the courage in the world to approach Ko Yi Suk for her cure – but she did it. And she persisted, through all of the obstacles standing in her way, until she succeeded.

4. She has a keen sense of observation.


What would Ko Yi Suk do without Cha Hong Do? Her assistance towards the psychiatrist goes beyond being his shield against his own psychological disorder. Cha Hong Do’s attention to small details, a quality in which Ko Yi Suk does not possess, enabled him to solve his patient’s problems. The short temper and boisterous tone so typical of Cha Hong Do when in his presence never makes its way towards his patients. It is with that warmth and comfort that the patients emotionally open themselves up to be free of their mental demons.

5. Cha Hong Do is always straightforward.


Once Ko Yi Suk got her out of her shell, there was no stopping her! Cha Hong Do’s very first sentence to Jang Doo Soo was “I like you.” The first night she spent with a man was with someone she, at the time, still couldn’t tolerate half the time. When she realized she liked Ko Yi Suk, she told him. When she misses him, she admits it. When she’s happy, she verbalizes it. When Jang Doo Soo confessed his feelings for her, she told him upfront that things have changed. When she’s feeling insignificant, she’s not afraid to reveal that weakness. When she’s feeling triumphant, it shows.

There is nothing that Cha Hong Do is afraid to do once she got out into the real world and began to overcome her Anthrophobia. Her uniqueness makes her wonderful and loveable, but more than that, Cha Hong Do is a role model for the uncertain, the low self-esteemed, and the lost floaters of the world. In the end, it is truly that aspect in particular, that makes Cha Hong Do our Woman Crush Wednesday this week.

What do you think, Soompiers? How would you rank Cha Hong Do on a scale of 1 to 10? Did she motivate or inspire you in any way during “Heart to Heart”? Let me know in the comments below!

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