2PM Discusses Love and Friendship with Cosmopolitan

The original beastly idols are back! 2PM are Cosmo Men for Cosmopolitan.

It’s been six years since the group’s last interview with Cosmopolitan. Having debuted in 2008, the group has been through many experiences such as solo debuts, acting, and producing albums. With all that experience, the men deliver an eye candy filled photo shoot. With a retro campsite backdrop and casual clothes, they flaunt their unique sexy toughness that makes their fans swoon.


During the interview, the members shared their thoughts on the kind of love they dream about. Chansung answered, “A normal date holding hands while walking.” Meanwhile, Junho revealed, “When I get married, I want to enjoy a lengthy period of just being husband and wife.”



The group also reflected on what 2PM means to them. Jun.K replied, “When I experience a personal difficulty, I cry immediately upon seeing the other members’ faces,” and talked about how they are truly like a family. Wooyoung also commented on how precious his members are to him and added, “To me, 2PM is another version of myself.”



See their complete interview and sexy photo shoot in the May edition of Cosmopolitan.




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