Park Jin Young Clarifies Dating Ban for JYP Artists

Park Jin Young, the founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment, has clarified the agency’s dating policy for its singers.

In a tweet that he posted on April 22, Park Jin Young explained that, “JYP does have a dating ban… I tell my artists that for three years after their debut they shouldn’t date or meet friends, but just focus their lives on practicing. In other words, after three years, established artists don’t have a dating ban.”

Park Jin Young’s statement clears up previous confusion regarding a dating ban for JYP artists. After rumors of JYP group miss A’s Suzy and actor Lee Min Ho’s romance began to swirl, Park Jin Young suggested in a press interview that his agency didn’t enforce a dating ban, saying, “that’s between them. It would be quite sad if an agency had to control the dating lives of its singers in order to make money.”

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