Investigations and Tears in

A lot of people know Kang Ja’s (Kim Hee Sun) secret, which means that if she’s going to accomplish her goals, she needs to start working fast. Luckily, she has an amazing, hard-working team to support her. The powers they’re up against are certainly scary, and victory is far from guaranteed, but one thing’s for certain: Kang Ja and her people aren’t going down without a fight.

These were my five favorite scenes from episode 11 of “Angry Mom”:

1. “I also want to live now.”

Leaving an abusive relationship is incredibly difficult. So how amazing is it that Bok Dong (Ji Soo) finally leaves Dong Chil here? My heart just about burst as this child, covered in bruises, finally decides that he deserves a better life than the one he’s been given. What a powerful, heartbreaking scene.

angry mom group shot finalangry mom ji soo finalangry mom kim hee won final angry mom kim hee sun finalangry mom ji hyun woo final

2. Noh Ah and Bok Dong aren’t happy with Kang Ja

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Noh Ah (Ji Hyun Woo) and Bok Dong has some serious processing to do as they come to terms with Bang Wool’s real identity. For Noh Ah, this involves berating her for her actions and then belatedly tacking on the formal “-yo” to the ends of his sentences. For Bok Dong, this involves realizing that he has an enormous crush on an ajumma. Both are hilarious. This is why I love “Angry Mom”: it’s dark and deadly-serious, but it never forgets to be funny as well.

angry mom kim hee sun 2 finalangry mom ji hyun woo 2 finalangry mom ji soo 2 final

3. “It’s okay to cry.”

Every time I think Go Bok Dong couldn’t possibly break my heart more, he proves that his capabilities on that front are endless. His visit to his brother in prison is so illuminating on so many levels—it’s clear that his brother cares about him, but he also tells Bok Dong to stay with Dong Chil and that he should never cry. Contrast that with nurturing Noh Ah, who asks no questions, and simply hugs Bok Dong, telling him that it’s all right to cry. It’s that very understated affection that gives Bok Dong the courage to tell Noh Ah who really killed Yi Kyung.

angry mom ji hyun woo 3 finalangry mom ji hyun woo ji soo finalangry mom ji soo 3 finalangry mom ji hyun woo ji soo 2 finalangry mom ji hyun woo ji soo 3 final angry mom ji hyung woo ji soo 4 final

4. Jo Kang Ja and Park Noh Ah: partners

FINALLY. Finally, Noh Ah has joined team Angry Mom. Because it’s taken him so long to get here, it feels even more satisfying that he’s finally resolved to take down the Myung Sung leadership—through whatever means necessary.

angry mom ji hyun woo kim hee sun finalangry mom kim hee sun 3 finalangry mom ji hyun woo 4 final

5. Hong Sang Tae exhibits human emotion?!?!

And here was me thinking that Hong Sang Tae had only one layer—that of spoiled, conceited, cruel chaebol. Well, he still is all those things, but the end of this episode starts to show that he still has a major position in this conflict, and it starts with him getting upset because Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) was hurt when she fell in the sinkhole. It’s funny what the power of a crush is: Bok Dong’s crush on Bang Wool helped him to leave Dong Chil, while Sang Tae’s crush on Ah Ran gives him the guts to stand up to his father, however briefly. “My friend was hurt,” he says. Of course, when his father’s response is to basically say that there’s no such thing as friends, I guess it isn’t surprising that Sang Tae is so horrible most of the time. But he does have feelings! I wasn’t sure about that.

angry mom park young kyu baro final angry mom baro finalangry mom park young kyu final

What did you think of last night’s episode? What do you think Sang Tae will do now that he knows who Kang Ja is and what she’s up to? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch episode 11 of “Angry Mom” here:

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