Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - April Week 4

We couldn’t get much done at home because we used up our time repeatedly watching the following scenes!

1. “Angry Mom“: Bok Dong is in love!

We realize Bok Dong is a high school kid, so, his crush on Kang Ja isn’t going to be anything more than that, but it doesn’t stop us from squealing every time he rushes to her defense. After he follows her to her friend Gong Joo‘s place, he storms inside to rescue Kang Ja from what he believes is a sordid job in a bar full of lowlives. LOL.

Walking him home, she asks if he wants “noona” to buy him some food, but this sends him over the edge. He tries shoving her against a wall (only there’s no wall), and smacking his hand close to her head (again, no wall), demanding to know if she likes him? She laughs until she realizes he’s serious as he tries to stutter out his confession. He finally pulls her close, telling her goodnight and smiling before walking away. We can’t help ourselves from “awww-ing” at his cuteness!

2. “Falling for Innocence”: Testing what the doc says

Min Ho has begun feeling strangely towards Soon Jung, and he can’t fathom why. His doctor suggests that he has fallen for her, to which he reacts with skepticism. However, after saving her from being run over, he decides to test out his feelings with a kiss. Hmmm, we wonder what the verdict is …


3. “The Girl Who Sees Smells“: You’ll protect me

Mu Gak and Cho Rim are the ace Sensory Couple who solves crimes faster than Sherlock Holmes and Watson. To crack those cases, they put their lives on the line, coming in contact with criminals. This is hard for a man who has to watch the woman he’s slowly falling in love with risk her life, and so, Mu Gak pleads with her to stop helping him. While his concern is touching, Cho Rim explains how great it feels for her “monster eye” to not only be useful but be instrumental in solving difficult cases. Besides, if he’s so worried about her, he can just protect her. Swoon??? We don’t quite think that the best thing to do when someone wants to keep you safe is to literally make them keep you safe, but on the other hand, how great is it that she’s more than willing to trust him with her life?

4. “Divorce Lawyer In Love”: High blood pressure and hair loss

Divorce Lawyer In Love” was off to a hilarious start as the OTP hate on each other.

Go Cheok Hee lost her license to practice law and is looking for an office job but can’t believe her sunbae, Attorney Bong, is asking her to work under So Jung Woo, the little back-talking squirt who worked in her law office for three years.

Jung Woo is now a full-fledged lawyer himself and doesn’t want Cheok Hee working anywhere near him. Among other reasons for his refusal, he doesn’t want to suffer from gastritis, high blood pressure, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction. LOL.

Attorney Bong listens to them whine before he reminds Jung Woo that the contract he signed doesn’t give him rights to choose office employees. Cheok Hee smirks at this until Attorney Bong tells her if she wants to leave, then just leave.

We can’t wait to see how these two will eventually fall in love! For now, we’re enjoying their bickering!

5. “Super Daddy 10”: Super fun date

Although Yeol is happy to have his daughter Sarang living with him, he is well aware that she may be having a hard time being away from her mom. His remedy is a daddy-daughter date; the two create fun memories as they practice her baseball swing, take silly photos together, and lean on each other during a camp-out. It’s a sweet moment that belies the sad reality for the duo.


6. “Blood”: All ready for bed!

Although they’re in the middle of a war against the baddies, Ri Ta and Ji Sang manage to steal a moment for each other.

Wanting to sleep in the same bed with her boyfriend, Ri Ta comes prepared with protection. Not that kind of protection! LOL. She has bundled herself up in wintry garb to keep herself warm on his very cold bed. However, it’s his affectionate cuddle that gives her the real warmth.


7. “Unkind Women”: Party train

The Kim’s recently went on a family trip, and even Jang Mo Ran and Kim Hyun Jung‘s boyfriend, Lee Moon Hak, were in tow. Their train ride wasn’t just a regular one as their locomotive came equipped with a party car and emcees, who soon had all the Kim clan and their guests on their feet. Even the amnesiac Chul Hee, the hesitant traveller of the bunch, got into the celebration. It was a moment of levity that we wish could have lasted longer, though. When Chul Hee lost his balance and hit his head against the bench, the party was over. Booh! On the upside, the accident revived Chul Hee’s memories.

8. “Heard It Through The Grapevine“: You did it to yourself

Ji Young Ra is the one woman that Han Jung Ho has failed to conquer, and she knows it. Distressed that her daughter lost in love again to the Han family, Young Ra tries to get revenge by playing with Jung Ho’s heart. After letting him think he stands a chance then disappearing on him, he becomes desperate. Ultimately, he makes a fool of himself by crashing his wife’s social gathering and indiscreetly looking for Young Ra. His wife does not fail to notice his true intentions, though, and the look in her eyes spells out trouble for him. An ambulance should definitely be on standby.


9. “Divorce Lawyer In Love”: Player gets played

Cheok Hee will do anything to win a case, including mischaracterizing evidence to make it admissible in court. She’s so ruthless and stubborn that she ignores Jung Woo when he tries to stop her, begging her to reconsider her actions. So, when it turns out that she’s being played, we kind of love it!

She plants a camera to capture the infidelity of her client’s husband; however, she finds out that her client paid her husband’s secretary to seduce him. Although this is a “sucks for you” situation for Cheok Hee, she needed to learn a lesson.

10. “Let’s Eat 2”: Seoul Man

Because he’s a government official, Lee Sang Woo puts on an image of being upright and even stiff when he’s living in Sejong City, but every weekend, he unleashes his wildness when he’s with his buddies in Seoul. His outgoing side is discovered, though, by Goo Dae Young, who’s as shocked as we are.

As they change clothes in a locker room, Dae Young brings it up to Sang Woo, who strongly denies he’s that wild man he saw in Seoul. He’s so nervous he’s been found out that Sang Woo quickly excuses himself, forgetting to put on his pants. LOL. Yeah … that reaction will stop Dae Young’s suspicions!

So, do you agree with our top picks? Which would ones would you have chosen? Tell us your thoughts below and join us again next week!

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