“Superman Returns” Controversy Ends Happily

On April 22, the “Superman Returns” staff ran into conflict when the production crew called for a last-minute cancellation of a shooting location and the owner of a shoot location complained about the production crew’s rude behavior.

The staff of the show apologized for such behavior on April 23, but the representatives from the creation center, the supposed location for filming, stated, “The information reported is different from what actually happened,” and requested a more sincere apology from the “Superman Returns” staff.

In response, the “Superman Returns” representatives released their official statement apologizing again about the last-minute cancellation, willing to provide compensation for any loss or setbacks the owner may have had.

On April 24, according to a phone-call with Xsportsnews, the representatives from the creation center said, “Thank you to KBS for the apology and for being considerate.”

The representatives continued, “We know that filming can always be canceled at any time. All we wanted to hear is ‘sorry’ but there was a misunderstanding due to the behavior of the one who delivered this message.”

When asked if the creation center actually wanted to promote its business by letting the “Superman Returns” staff film in their building, they replied, “If we really aimed for publicity, we would’ve revealed the name of our creation center in the message,” and cleared any rumors.

“We only wanted a sincere apology coming from the heart. We did not expect any compensations. I believe the production crew of the show are victims, too. Thank you to KBS for the apology and for being considerate,” said the company representatives.

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