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The recent “Fluttering India” episode that aired on April 24 showed Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun, SHINee‘s Minho, and EXO‘s Suho on their third day in Mumbai.

On the show, everyone looks very alive and healthy on the morning of their third day except for one person — Sunggyu. He claims that he couldn’t get proper sleep because of Kyuhyun’s snoring again. Unlike everyone else, Sunggyu’s face looks worn out and tired.

Kyuhyun tells Sunggyu, “You don’t look so well,” to which Sunggyu replies, “India made me like this. I’ve been terrorized by snoring,” and confesses being tired of Kyuhyun’s snoring habits.

Jonghyun chimes in and says, “I’m not really in a place to say this because I have a habit of grinding my teeth, but I thought bombs were going off when I heard Kyuhyun snoring. I thought there was a war going on.”

fluttering india jonghyun

“Just get surgery,” Sunggyu says frankly with a serious face. Jonghyun also adds, “It’s no joke. [The snoring] can’t even be imitated.”

kyuhyun fluttering india

Hearing this conversation, Minho says, “I should go visit [his room] in the middle of the night to hear it,” and remains fascinated while Jonghyun lets out a loud noise in an attempt to copy Kyuhyun’s way of snoring.

jonghyun fluttering india

“I thought you were going to spit,” Jonghyun says, and embarrasses Kyuhyun. Then Jonghyun reenacts how he and Sunggyu suffered and sighed due to Kyuhyun’s snoring and makes everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, the cast members also produce their own “Indo Song” during this broadcast.

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