Kyle Hanagami Finishes Up Choreography for Girls’ Generation

Prolific LA-based choreographer Kyle Hanagami, who has choreographed for a slew of  international artists, including K-Pop groups Red Velvet (“Ice Cream Cake”), TaeTiSeo (“Adrenaline“), After School (“Flashback”), and NU’EST (“Face”), revealed on his personal Instagram that he has finished creating a new choreography for Girls’ Generation.

On April 25, he ramped up the expectations of Girls’ Generation fans with the post, “Finished a new choreography for Girls’ Generation! | 04.24.15.”

In the photo, Kyle Hanagami can be seen posing with eight female dancers who probably stood in for the Girls’ Generation members while he choreographed.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation earlier this month released a Japanese and Korean version of their single “Catch Me If You Can,” along with music videos for each version.

Are you excited to see Kyle Hanagami’s new choreography for Girls’ Generation?