Park Yoochun: The Boy Who Trollfaces in “The Girl Who Sees Smells”

In the currently airing drama, “The Girl Who Sees Smells,” singer-actor Park Yoochun, with his already impressive facial expressions, is kicking things up a notch by taking his “Chunface” to an all-new level. His troll-like expressions are to blame for the weekly buckets of tears being shed – tears of laughter, that is. Here are only a few of my favorites, but to get the full experience, you’ll just have to watch the episodes in full! (Warning: Please do not eat or drink while reading this article. You will end up spitting it out… or choking on it.)


Is Park Yoochun possessed?

No, he’s just… sleeping… Yeah.

You can watch his eyes roll into the back of his head on Episode 1.


The cute sheep-head shaped towel from the jjimjilbang (public bathhouse) just adds to the cute troll factor here. I mean, just look at him and his deadpanned expression, peeking at his robbery suspect from behind the locker door! (Episode 1)


Park Yoochun’s face was so startling, even Shin Se Kyung flinched in surprise! (Episode 2)


Is this Park Yoochun’s troll face… or derp face? You decide. (Episode 2)


W-why… why are you looking at me like that? (Episode 2)


Huh? What did you say? Sorry, your face and that wig was totally distracting! (Episode 3)


If you keep making those expressions, you juuust might be creepier than Chef Kwon Jae Hee. (Episode 4)


Would anyone like to give our Lieutenant Yeom‘s dumbfounded expression a clever and witty caption? (Episode 4)


Maybe the fried chicken smells really bad… (Episode 5)


Uh-oh. Is Park Yoochun threatening to cut someone? Hehe. (Episode 5)


He’s going to bloooow! (Episode 5)


I was totally expecting Park Yoochun to spew out some molten hot lava. (Episode 5)


We’re not the only ones weirded out by his troll face. Look at all the innocent diners looking at him like he’s… not quite right in the head. (Episode 5)


What makes this an even greater moment is Shin Se Kyung’s matching facial expression. And she’s still holding that chicken! (Episode 5)


I snickered during this scene. Too adorable. Too funny. (Episode 7)


Hands down my favorite troll face scene ever. Their banter beforehand, Shin Se Kyung’s prank, and Park Yoochun’s face. Priceless! Absolutely priceless!

You can watch it in Episode 8.

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!