Be Funny Studios Drops Hilarious “Rush Hour 4 x Face Off 2” Mashup Starring Lee Byung Hun and Sean Combs

On April 27 at 4:00 p.m., Be Funny Studios dropped “Rush Hour 4 x Face Off 2.

The video is not the fourth installment of the iconic series starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, but a short revamp on the two movies (“Rush Hour” and “Face Off”). The hilarious short is a collaborative effort between Be Funny Studios in Korea and Funny or Die in the United States, starring Lee Byung Hun and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

Be Funny Studios stated, “The two stars’ meeting came about as a result of this collaboration. The producers in the U.S. and Diddy, who had expressed a lot of interest in the project, immediately thought of Lee Byung Hun as the perfect Asian star to round out the cast for the parody.”

Co-CEO Won Lee (Lee Won Beom) of Be Funny Studios said, “We wanted to show everyone something where a Western and Eastern star have a great time together on screen. I hope it also becomes an opportunity to make Hallyu more well-known.”

A great time, indeed! Watch the awesome parody below: