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Weeks after the finale of “Shine or Go Crazy,” Prince Wang So‘s hysterical laughter still rings in my ears. It was just one of his many quirks, but he easily became one of the most crushable man in Dramaland. As such, he’s the next to join our ever growing list of Man Crush Mondays.

Why? Well, here are just a few reasons. (Spoilers ahead!)

1. He’s humane.


While his second wife, Princess Hwang Bo Yeo Won, is vicious and cold in that she can kill someone without a single hint of remorse, Wang So is the exact opposite. Instead, he tries his best to prevent innocents from getting injured or killed and also attempts to halt unnecessary war. His love for the people of Goryeo surpasses most, if not all, of the royalties in the palace, which is part of what makes Wang So a great king.

2. Wang So is not filled with greed.


His desire to become king, although he hadn’t realized it at the time, doesn’t stem from being power hungry, wanting to accumulate more wealth, or to ruin his nation with outrageous thoughts that only benefits himself (unlike Wang Sik Ryeom). Wang So is actually one of the most selfless character in “Shine or Go Crazy.” For instance, to save his love and first wife, Shin Yool, he was willing to deny all relations with her, even if it meant seeing her marry his half brother, Wang Wook.

3. Wang So is incredibly smart.


He likes acting reckless, carefree, and not-so-bright, but Wang So, in reality, is sharp-minded, quick tongued, and filled with plenty of potential. He always manages to stay one step ahead of any plan that Wang Sik Ryeom formulates and even wins the ultimate showdown without much of a sweat. He’s calculative and armed with loyal connections everywhere he goes. It’s no wonder the First King knew that Wang So would be the key to a thousand years of Goryeo!

4. He’s playful.


On one hand, Wang So is serious and dedicated. On another, he’s laid back and filled with jokes and laughter. His smile is infectious and just hearing his wild laugh will be enough to make anyone crack a grin. Wang So knows how to lighten the mood, cheer others up, and bring positivity to those around him, especially with Shin Yool by his side.

5. Wang So is willing to do anything for love.


Knowing what he wants, especially when in regards to a woman, is one of the most appealing things about men – just like Wang So. From the beginning, his interest has been in the same woman, both as Shin Yool and Gaebong. His priority has always been her safety, her well being, and her happiness. Because she was ill and on the brink of death, Wang So was willing to risk his own life to stay beside her for the most drastic attempt at a cure. Because she was in danger, Wang So was willing to give his love up if it would protect her, even if it meant being heartbroken for the rest of his life. Eventually, even when Shin Yool chose to leave him, Wang So didn’t stop her because he knew she was content with the decision she had made. He suffered, but it was in the privacy of his palace and in knowing that Shin Yool was living the life she wanted.

Some may say this is foolish, but I think having this level of dedication to someone is admirable. Even if it’s painful to love from afar, Wang So chose to accept it because it was important to his other half.

Soompiers, what did you think about Wang So? Which aspect was your favorite and who would you like to see featured next? Let me know in the comments below!

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