Super Junior Mourns Loss of Eunhyuk’s Beloved Dog Choco

Super Junior member Eunhyuk‘s dog Choco has been a long-standing member of the Super Junior family. On April 27, after a long life of over thirteen years, Choco sadly passed away.

Choco was an adorable Pomeranian that’s been with Eunhyuk since she was a puppy, and so she’s been a part of the family even before the group debuted. She became ill recently, and Eunhyuk posted a photo two weeks ago of Choco looking lethargic on his Instagram and asked fans to pray for her.


On April 27, he posted on his Twitter to let everyone know that Choco had passed away. He said, “This morning, I buried Choco in my heart. Thank you to everyone who’s cared for her, treasured her, and prayed for her.”

super junior choco 2

Later, he tweeted again with a message for Choco: “I was the happiest when I called Choco’s name, and I felt the warmest when I held her. Thank you for leaving me with only happy memories. To my beloved Choco who shone in my life like a jewel, thank you for looking so beautiful as you passed away. Sleep well, Choco.”

super junior choco 3

Fellow Super Junior member Donghae also posted a photo of Choco on his Instagram with the caption, “Cute Choco… feel better in heaven!!”

choco 2

Heechul commented on the photo saying, “Choco, why?? Ah…. I thought she had gotten better….ㅠㅠ”

Ryeowook also talked about Choco and his memories of her on the April 27 episode of his radio show “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,” and played a song that Eunhyuk requested called “My Dog” by Yang Hee Eun. The song is about a treasured dog that passes away.

Fans are also mourning the loss of Choco, as she was something like a mascot for the group and was beloved by all. Rest in peace, Choco.

super junior choco