Secret’s Hyosung Is an Enchanting Beauty for “Fantasia” Teaser Image

Secret‘s Jun Hyosung will be releasing her first solo album “Fantasia.”

In the second teaser image revealed on April 28 by her managing agency, TS Entertainment, her mysterious aura captivates fans as she stares into the camera.

Her fashion also catches the attention of viewers, especially due to her bright orange hair and short pants. Not only does this intensify her beauty, but it also shows off her tone body. The oddly sensual image truly makes fans’s fantasy go running.

Many are also curious about the male doll, which also made an appearance in the first teaser image. Once again dressed in a classy suit and a bow tie, it sits next to Jun Hyosung, adding another layer of mysterious to her album concept.

Meanwhile,  Jung Hyosung participated in writing the lyrics for the songs in this album and even challenged herself by attempting at rapping for the first time.

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