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The latest episode of FTISLAND‘s reality show “Coming Out: FTISLAND” features members of the group talking seriously and honestly about the rumors that Lee Hongki was leaving the band.

When asked if the group felt that they were in a crisis, the members respond honestly.

Choi Jonghoon says in his interview, “I do have some anxiety about the possibly that we might break apart.”

Song Seunghyun replies to the question, “It did feel a bit like we were in a crisis.”

Choi Minhwan says, “Even before ‘Pray’ came out, I wondered if we’d be able to continue as we have been.”

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“Honestly, last year was a bit hard for me,” confesses Lee Hongki, talking about the rumors that he would be leaving the band. “Even though I had been struggling to protect our group, other people kept talking behind our backs saying these things. I really, really hated that.”

He adds, “The thing I hate the most is when other people say that the lead vocal will be leaving the band. I would never do that.”

Choi Jonghoon in reply says, “That was something we were worrying about too. We’re really grateful that you’re saying that, thank you.”

Lee Jaejin says to Lee Hongki, “Last year other people at our company were saying, ‘If Lee Hongki doesn’t continue, what are you going to do?’ so it was really hard for us too.”

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He adds, “So that was the time when we thought the most that we have to be the best so that you don’t leave the group, so that as a team we can be the best.”

“Don’t think that,” says Lee Hongki, and Lee Jaejin interrupts him to say, “Of course not now, it’s all been settled.”

The group also takes the time to talk about some more fun and taboo topics, such as their private lives and their nightlife.

You can check out more on the April 28 episode of “Coming Out: FTISLAND” on SBS MTV.

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Update: This article was updated after the show aired to more accurately reflect their conversation, and to correct an error from the original pre-broadcast source. It seems that the show that went to air was edited differently than what was reported previously.

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