Eunjung Says T-ara Bullying Rumors Are Unfair:

T-ara Eunjung appeared as the main guest on Mnet’s “4 Things Show” aired on April 28, where she spoke about the past rumors about bullying on former member Hwayoung and conflict within the group.

Eunjung cries while discussing the depression she experienced, saying how she lost all motivation to get out of bed or do anything.  Member Hyomin says, “Eunjung had a lot of pride and confidence in her work. The saddest part was when I saw her lose that. [She would say,] ‘Could we do that? It won’t work, it won’t..'”

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The interviewer mentions that what everyone wants is the truth about what happened. Eunjung responds, “The truth of something, from what you see.. there’s a lot that’s true, but there’s also a lot that’s not. For us, to say, refreshingly, what’s right is right and what’s not isn’t, and to apologize where it’s needed, really, that’s the right thing to do, and we definitely should have done more of that..”

The show cuts to different clip, where Eunjung says, “There’s a reason we can’t reveal it all, and when people ask us to tell them absolutely everything, we become unable to say any more, and we thought that we’d just have to continue taking the criticism.”

“I’m speechless when I see the videos edited by netizens. How would we would act like that in front of the camera? It doesn’t make sense,” she says.

“Though I think it is unfair, I believe that not mentioning it anymore is the right thing to do,” she adds. “Maybe, in 10 years from now, if we are able to talk about the issue candidly, people will be able to look at us in a better light.”

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The members talk about how they’ve changed, and that if they had complained in the past when they were busy, they don’t have a single complaint nowadays, and that they’re thankful for the little things and everything they’re able to do.

Watch the clip here:

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