Hairstyle Appreciation Day: When Hair Goes Wild!

Today is Hairstyle Appreciation Day (April 30) and, as an avid K-drama viewer, there is nothing I appreciate more about hair than when it’s messy, wild, unkempt, ruffled, and flying around in every single direction. It makes for a great comical moment and, in a world where outer appearance and elegance is of utmost importance, I gain even more respect for the actors and actresses willing to portray such a disorderly side of their character.

Here are just some of my favorite hair gone wild scenes:


Perhaps the most classic example is Yoon Eun Hye in “Coffee Prince.” There’s just nothing quite like causing a big commotion in a women’s public bathhouse by boldly walking in while giving off the impression of being a man… and then pulling off the helmet to reveal the epitome of hair from hell. LOL


Shin Se Kyung from “The Girl Who Sees Smells” gets so drunk in episode four, she wakes up in an extreme state of confusion at a police station with some seriously wild bedhead. She scared not only herself, but the detectives as well!


After a night of binge drinking that led to an ER trip, which was followed by a temporary flatline, Song Ji Hyo from “Emergency Couple” wakes up in an auto-panic mode, complete with limp, crumpled hair and horrified realizations. But hey, at least she didn’t toss her cookies into her hair! … Or did she?


Not once did it ever occur to Jang Hyuk in “Fated to Love You” that he would have to charge into such a deadly battle with… a shower head. Goodbye, perfectly wavy hair! Hello, drowned rat locks!


In the nineteenth episode of “Healer,” there are only two things to be said for Kim Mi Kyung: “ahjumma, is that you?!” and “how can you come out in clothes like that?!”


In “Heart to Heart,” Choi Kang Hee‘s short temper around Chun Jung Myung isn’t the only thing that’s explosive…


That moment when Im YoonA‘s hair in “The Prime Minister and I” is the source of great misunderstanding between what’s really going on inside a room… and what others are interpreting the sound as… LOL


As if the mushroom top on Jang Geun Suk‘s head wasn’t bad enough in “Bel Ami,” it also had to suffer for who-knows-how-long in the rain.


Mary is a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Oh wait – those aren’t the right lyrics? Oops! Moon Geun Youngs curls were quite shockingly thick, but still adorable, in the early episodes of “Mary Stayed Out All Night.”


Alcohol and heartbreak is a veeeery scary mix for Jun Ji Hyun in “My Love From the Stars.”


Lee Deok Hwa shows us what happens to the villains that are ultimately proven useless and easily defeated in “Shine or Go Crazy.”


Rawr! Lee Min Jung isn’t afraid to fight with everything she has when getting publicly slandered in “Cunning Single Lady.” You go, girl!

Which hair gone wild was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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