Jung Hyung Don Is Not Offended When Judged For Not Graduating College

On the first episode of the new variety show “The Brave Teenagers,” Jung Hyung Don revealed that he only graduated from Busan Electronic Technical High School and did not earn his diploma from Induk University yet.

After his confession, one of the girls in the audience carefully asked him, “So you’re only a high school graduate. I want to ask if you’ve experienced any setbacks or felt judged in society because of it.”

To answer that question, Jung Hyung Don said, “When I was auditioning to become a comedian, I was the only high school graduate among my colleagues. So one of the producers asked me, ‘Why did you only graduate high school?’ But that didn’t offend me because it was the truth.”

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Another student asked, “Are you still able to live well, not being judged and doing what you want to be doing?”

The comedian remarked, “Wow, these kids ask great questions,” and replied, “There are over 50 million people living in this world, and I believe there are also over 50 million ways to success. Some people may think that I succeeded in life, but I beg to differ. I’m still working towards my success.”

Jung Hyung Don also added, “More importantly, my idea of success is different from the students’.”

Meanwhile, “The Brave Teenagers” airs every Wednesday, featuring Jung Hyung Don, Kim Sung Joo, Seo Jang Hoon, and Shin Ah Young as MCs. The talk show invites actual high school students to the studio to discuss concerns and issues that they might have.

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