Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - April Week 5

It’s top ten time again, which means we get to share which recent K-drama moments made us laugh, squeal, and had us in tears. Check it out!

1. “The Girl Who Sees Smells“: My lips will wipe that off


Are we the only ones who didn’t expect so much skinship lately? And how freaking perfect was this kiss? Mu Gak and Cho Rim are fast becoming one of our favorite OTPs, and the next time our boyfriends ask to come grocery shopping with us, we’re going to tell them to stay home just so we can flirt on FaceTime with them!

In this scene, we loved that Mu Gak thoroughly enjoyed the food Cho Rim deemed inedible and how she opened up to him about her inability to remember the time before the coma. However, our favorite part was how she decided to wipe off a barely visible food stain off his lips. We see you what you’re up to, girl! And despite Mu Gak’s inability to feel, this got his blood boiling, leading him to hold her hand and pull her closer. She initially pulled away, but who can resist his bedroom eyes? Not us, and certainly not Cho Rim, who caved in and lost herself in his kiss. SQUEE!!! If not for an interruption, they would have kept kissing all night long.

2. “Super Daddy 10”: A super vacation

Realizing that the best he could do for Mi Rae was to let her live her life free from bed rest at the hospital, Yeol suggests they go on a trip. Though she was slow to accept, the vacation gave Mi Rae some of the happiest family moments she probably never expected to have. This perfect moment with Yeol and Sarang is a memory even viewers of the show will treasure.

3. “Let’s Eat 2”: Bad impression

Soo Ji has tagged along for a bicycle ride with Dae Young and Sang Woo, but even though she’s a fitness freak, she struggles to keep up with the guys. Dae Young, who had planned to bike ahead so that Soo Ji could have time alone with Sang Woo, instead ends up in an intense race with his hyung. When Soo Ji finally reaches them, she’s a hot mess! As she catches her breath, Sang Woo removes blossom petals from her hair. She becomes completely wrapped up in his attention that she doesn’t think about what she might look and smell to him. However, Dae Young is keenly aware of her appearance that he hustles Sang Woo away to keep her from humiliating herself further. We’re also embarrassed for her, but at the same time, she’s disarmingly cute as she remains oblivious to her sweat-soaked armpits while waving her arms goodbye to Sang Woo. LOL. We don’t have to imagine her mortification as she finally checks herself out in the mirror!

4. “Angry Mom”: You liked me first!

We adore Bok Dong and his clumsy crush on Kang Ja, which he’s still not over even though he knows she’s an “ahjumma” and Ah Ran‘s mom.

When she corners him at school, he tries to ignore her but gives in, letting her drag him aside for a private conversation. She tells him she knows why he’s acting this way, but he wants to make it clear: She liked him first. She tied his shoelaces, so, why did she do that? She liked him first! LOL. We want to pinch his cheeks!

5. “Heard It Through The Grapevine“: Enough is enough

When Jung Ho, who refuses to admit he is having an affair, tries to put the move on his wife, she ignores him, which he deserves. However, Jung Ho is surprised by this, unable to fathom what could possibly be wrong. He then rants on how she should behave, but she shuts him up with a head-butt on his nose, making him wail while we choked laughing. LOL.

It’s about time Yeon Hee took her husband to task, but we still can’t believe he didn’t know she would find out!

6. “The Lover”: Can’t throw it out

“The Lover” continues to push boundaries, but it’s still hilarious.

When Man Goo models a slinky, tight dress she can’t force herself to get rid of, Young Joon calls her a grandmother! He thinks she buys clothes that are too young for her age, and the dress doesn’t suit her, but really, he’s saying these things because he wants her to hurry up and loan him ten bucks. She refuses and starts cleaning right in front him while wearing the sexy dress. Bwehe. As he watches her, he picks up on the sexually suggestive movements of her dusting. Predictably, Young Joon can’t handle it and pounces on her only to be brought up short when he finds she’s wearing boxers under the dress. ROFL! We think she looks AMAZING, and he’s an idiot!

7. “Falling for Innocence”: Lean on me

He realizes how crazy he might seem since he initially wanted to destroy the company, but now to save it, Min Ho nominates himself for the representative position, and it’s because of Soon Jung‘s influence that he has mustered the courage to do so.

It’s a huge undertaking and his decision leaves him shaken, but Soon Jung reminds him that she would protect him from feeling foolish or frustrated. He’s so grateful to her comfort that he embraces her, and he uses his heart condition as an excuse to lean on her. Rather than stand like a stiff, she mildly returns the hug and gently pats him. His reaction to her touch is priceless.


8. “Unkind Women”: I’ll make you smile

The cherry blossoms are in peak bloom, and Lee Moon Hak doesn’t want girlfriend Hyun Jung to miss out on those. So, he drags her from work to a park lined with cherry blossom trees. Although their stroll under the floral canopies is pleasant enough, Hyun Jung appears a bit downcast, and when Moon Hak talks to her about meeting his family, she’s not so receptive to the idea. To make her smile, Moon Hak sprinkles her with a handful after handful of blossom petals; that did the trick as Hyun Jung doesn’t just smile but also squeals and joins in his play. Just the idea that Moon Hak collected the blossoms for her makes this scene even sweeter!


9. “Divorce Lawyer In Love”: Be a good lawyer

If there’s one thing we require from leads, it is that they are likable. Cheok Hee was introduced to us as a brash, rude heroine, who does everything she can to win her cases. Getting disbarred after a client used her tenacity against her didn’t humble her much, so, it was nice to get some backstory to explain some of her actions.

It’s not an unfamiliar story, but it was great to see where some of her fire comes from. We learn that her mother had chosen her daughter’s 100% chance of becoming a lawyer over her 32% chance of surviving cancer. Now, we understand some of the guilt Cheok Hee has carried since she used her mother’s money for treatment to pay her tuition. Also, her mother’s last words that she become a good lawyer has helped shame the woman she’s become. It can’t be easy living with the belief that her mom sacrificed her life to make her dreams come true.


10. “Blood”: Resurrected and reunited

Although we’re left wondering how Ji Sang could have resurrected from death, in the end, some of us are glad he’s alive, still able to protect Ri Ta.

While walking the Coczenian streets late one night, Ri Ta is chased by men infected with a vampire virus. Surrounded and no way to escape, Ri Ta is saved in time by Ji Sang. He reaches down to hold her hand, and they both smile as snow begins to fall. How can he be alive? We’d really like to know, but to Ri Ta, the answer to that question may not matter as much as this reunion.

That’s all for now! Please drop your thoughts below and let’s do this again next time!

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