Park Jin Young Thinks a Star Needs More Than Just Singing and Dancing Skills

JYP Entertainment’s leader, Park Jin Young, revealed his thoughts on what the ideal idol should be like during the presentation of Mnet’s survival program “Sixteen.”

“I tried to create situations that would evoke fear and hardships. Stars these days cannot only be talented in singing and dancing. Their inner character and manners must also be taken into consideration,” he said.

“Personality can be the winning factor of a person, as well as the reason to one’s downfall. I wanted to show the members’ character when they would go from major to minor or visa versa,” he added.

Park Jin Young also tossed out the possibility of the show portraying cruel scenes, saying, “Since this is the chance for me to pick my girls, I will be putting them in all types of scary and pleasant situations. We’re not usually such a cruel company.”

When asked about how he reacts to scandals, Park Jin Young answered, “There are two types of scandals; one which you are guilty and another which you have done nothing wrong. I don’t really mind the latter one. I flexibly handle the situation.”

“If it’s a scandal in which someone is guilty, I don’t’ try to slyly disregard it. I hope our whole society refrains from doing so. Just apologize. I might make mistakes during the next 20 years of my career. However, I won’t try to sneak around it. I will make my mistake clear and apologize for it. It’s the same for all celebrities,” he added.

Meanwhile, “Sixteen” is a show in which trainees fight for the seven candidate positions for JYP’s next girl group. Nahyun, Sana, Dahyun, Tzuyu , Chaeyoung, Somi, Jiwon, Momo, Eunsuh, Mina, Chaeryeong, Minyoung, Jihyo, Natty, Chaeyeon, and Jungyeon are the sixteen trainees who are currently candidates for the show.

It has been five years since JYP Entertainment debuted a girl group, and they plan to bring forth a unique, star-worthy group through this project.

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