“Infinity Challenge” Calendar Sales Go Towards Student Scholarships

According to representatives of MBC on May 2, officials of the variety show “Infinity Challenge” saved all the money from last year’s “Infinity Challenge” calendar sales to give scholarships to over 100 college students.

“Infinity Challenge” held hands with MBC Share and Community Chest of Korea and recently finished giving scholarships to 160 elementary, middle, and high school students.

Now they will give these scholarships to 110 college students who were selected with the theme “young-adult college students with dreams.”

One representative explained, “‘Infinity Challenge’ scholarship donations have been going on for years now, and we are still continuing as we celebrate the show’s 10-year anniversary. We’ve finished delivering scholarships to the young students, and now we are going to deliver them to college students. We are not just doing this to help those going through hard times, but to prove that we are here together with those dream-filled young adults.”

“Infinity Challenge” has sold calendars ever since 2007 and has donated its sales every year. A total of 2.8 billion won has been donated so far, counting 2014’s sales.

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