Baek Ji Young and K.Will Charm Fans at OST-Themed Concert in Singapore

For the first time ever in Singapore, a Korean drama OST themed concert was held here on April 22 at The Star Performing Arts Center. Baek Ji Young and K.Will who headlined the one-night only show was joined by Gilgu Bonggu (GB9) and Yoo Sung Eun. Together, they treated ardent K-drama fans to symbolic songs from the last decade to the latest popular OST songs of today.


I got goosebumps right from the beginning when GB9 gave their rendition of “Bogoshipda” (I’m Missing You). “Stairway to Heaven” was the very first drama that got me started on Korean dramas and I was so smitten with Kwon Sang Woo back then! The next song was “Snow Flower” from “I’m Sorry, I Love You,” starring So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung, followed by “I Believe” from “My Sassy Girl” which made everyone take notice of Jun Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun. I bet you still remember Gyun Woo being humiliated by wearing Jun Ji Hyun’s high heels! Right?!


Next up was a moving performance of “From The Beginning Until Now” from “Winter Sonata,” the second installment of season-themed tetralogy ‘Endless Love’ drama series by Director Yoo Seok Ho. Lee Bong Gu’s vocal prowess was evident but Kang Gil Gu was probably not feeling so well that night as his voice turned out a little shaky at the high notes. The audience also got a taste of GB9’s debut song “Going Crazy” before they handed the stage over to Yoo Sung Eun.


The singer-actress first warmed up with “I Think I” from “Full House,” one of the classic dramas that avid K-drama fans must watch. I love how her strong vocals can go all tender and sweet, giving flavors to every song she sings. Yoo Sang Eun went on to captivate the audience with “Touch Love” from “Master’s Sun” and “My Destiny” from last year’s Drama of the Year, “My Love From The Star.” And at last, I can hear the song “Be OK” live. This catchy song was used in jingles by Oh!K TV (a new cable channel in Singapore, featuring the latest dramas and variety programs from MBC).


GB9 then rejoined Yoon Sung Eun on stage to for my personal favorite, “Perhaps Love,” which can be considered the OST of the year when popular drama “Goong” (Princess Hours) aired in 2006. Oh I didn’t want the song to end!

Finally, it is the King of Drama OST K.Will‘s turn to perform. K.Will’s set included “Like a Star” (also from “My Love From The Star“), “The Only Person” (from “Pinocchio“), “Love Is Punishment” (from “Brilliant Legacy“) and “Growing” (latest comeback song) before stopping to greet fans. It was pretty hilarious when the fans screamed every single time K.Will took a sip of water on stage, which he too found amusing and began teasing fans by repeatedly drinking from the bottle.


“In Korea it happens a lot. Well, I guess this is our officially saying hello, with me drinking water? Although I’m here tonight for the soundtrack concert, I hope the next time I’m here I will be singing to you more of my songs. I have a lot of good songs,” said K.Will to the cheers of fans.

“It is really great to know that fans look up the meaning of the songs, and for you to sing with me, that’s really grateful to know as a singer. Thank you so much!”


K.Will went on to perform the upbeat “Real Love Song” (from “The Greatest Love“) and wrapped up with “My Heart Is Beating” (from his second mini album of the same title).

The night belonged to Baek Ji Young. The moment she walked out on stage she was welcomed with clamorous cheers even though she started her set with a really sad break up song.

baek ji young 02

“Hello Singapore, thank you, nice to meet you! This is my second time in Singapore; I was here three years ago for the MAMA concert. Back then it was a huge event with a lot of other artists and I didn’t have any interaction with my fans. This was not as fancy as the show I was here for last time, but through the songs of famous and amazing dramas from Korea, I hope we can have a great time together. The song you just listened to is ‘Please Don’t Forget Me‘ from the drama ‘IRIS‘ and it was a huge hit even in Korea. It was a great honor to be featured in such an amazing drama. What do you think I will be singing next? That’s right. This is a song that I really love, ‘That Woman‘ (from “Secret Garden“).”

baek ji young 01

After performing “That Woman” and “After a Long Time” from “Rooftop Prince,” Baek Ji Young shared with the audience: “That drama has good acting by Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min but it was a lot more special to me because my husband Jung Suk Won. We have a puppy at home and we named it after his role (Yong Sool).” Jung Suk Won’s role in the drama was the crown prince’s bodyguard who donned a blue track suit. Baek Ji Young also revealed that it is the first time that she sang “After a Long Time” on stage after singing it for the drama, specially gifting it to the fans in Singapore.

The Queen of Drama OST went on to belt out “Because of You” (from “Hyde, Jekyell, Me“), “Spring Rain” (from “Gu Family Book“) and “Fervor” (from movie “The Fatal Encounter“). “I can’t say that we are really close but I think the relationship I have with Hyun Bin is rather special,” commented Baek Ji Young. Nobody will deny that, after all Baek Ji Young has sung several OSTs for dramas and movies that featured Hyun Bin!

baek ji young 04

In an attempt to bring fans to their feet, Baek Ji Young also danced to “Bad Girl” and “My Ear’s Candy” with her manager rapping along. Baek Ji Young closed the concert with “Like Being Hit By a Bullet.” It would have delighted fans further if K.Will and Baek Ji Young had a special stage and sang a duet together. Nonetheless, all good things will come to those who wait. As a K-drama fan myself, I’m already looking forward to more such OST-themed concerts!

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