Song Il Gook Reveals Which Triplet Possesses the Most Star Material

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertinament Weekly” aired on May 2, Song Il Gook revealed that Man Se was most likely to become a celebrity out of the triplets.

The youngest of the triplets is currently receiving the love of viewers due to his free sprit and adorable actions.

“After visiting our house on the first day of filming, the script writers said that Man Se quickly got close to the camera,” Song Il Gook laughs.

man se

When asked who he thinks will get married the fastest, he says, “I want them all to stay with me for as long as they can,” showing he is crazy in love with his little boys.

Meanwhile, in response to the praises of his exceptional parenting methods, Song Il Gook says, “Though it’s never been on TV, I’ve been through a long process of trial and error. These are the methods I’ve found through my mistakes.”

man se 2

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