GOT7 Exudes Passion, Professionalism, and Confidence at First Press Conference and Fan Meeting in Singapore

JYP Entertainment’s rookie boyband GOT7 was in Singapore last week for its first press conference and fan meeting at the Kallang Theatre. The members, JB, Mark, Jr., Jackson, Yongjae, Bambam, and Yugeom, confidently talked about their impression of Singapore, their fans, their activities on SNS, their interest in reality/ variety shows, their songs, and even answered a psychological survey on their ideal types to the media. Hours later, GOT7 displayed perfection in their energetic performances and made memories with their fans.


The GOT7 members were making memories for the first time in Singapore as a group since their debut in 2014. Jr. and JB had been to Singapore before as part of the JYPE’s JJ Project, while Jackson remembered fondly of the numerous times he had been here when he was involved in the Youth Olympic Games. When asked about his favorite Singaporean food, Jackson revealed candidly, “I had all my meals in the Republic Polytechnic (then), so I didn’t get a chance to go out.”


“Jackson is funny, but he doesn’t talk a lot. Bam Bam talks the most because he can’t close his mouth!”

GOT7 - BamBam2

Bambam is the talkative one in the group!

After having had their Asian Showcase in Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand, GOT7 was eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to meet the fans in Singapore. When asked what they think about their fans, the members observed that fans’ behavior vary from country to country. They also felt that, “fans from warm countries have a lot of energy and show much enthusiasm.” True enough, their anticipation was met as GOT7 was wildly welcomed by an almost full house attendance of passionate and enthusiastic fans that marked their increasing popularity in this country.







GOT7’s acclaimed popularity and success in this region was sealed when they clinched the “Most Promising Newcomer Award” in the recent “15th Top Chinese Music Festival.” JB displayed the group’s positive brotherhood as he sincerely expressed his gratitude to Jackson for his involvement in the Korean reality show, “Roommate Season 2.” He acknowledged that Jackson’s popularity had brought a lot of attention to the group. When asked if other GOT7 members would like to take part in variety shows, JB explained, “I think we would all like to participate if we have the chance because it’s a really good opportunity and I don’t think any of us would decline.”

Guess the Boy Game
Lucky fans got to play “Guess the boy” game with GOT7.

With success and opportunities, come challenges. The members openly shared how they overcome the challenges they face. Speaking on behalf of his group mates, Jackson revealed, “We have our opinions, but finally, the conclusion, JB will conclude… as a leader he will solve the problem.”





Despite having members from different nationalities and different cultures, GOT7 is definitely one when it comes to displaying its unique sound in up-tempo hip hop, R&B songs, and synchronized dance moves. JB said that he could connect to the lyrics of “Gimme,” while Yugeom and Youngjae mentioned that they could relate to songs”Stay” and “Stop, Stop It,” respectively, from their new full album, “Identify.” Surprisingly, they all mentioned that they would like to produce R&B songs if given the opportunity.



Fans celebrated Bambam’s birthday which falls on May 2.

GOT7 embraced the opportunity of meeting their fans in Singapore with so much zest and sincerity. The fans were treated to outstanding performances and witnessed their playful personalities when participating in the games. The highlight of the evening would be the video that the fans made to express their gratitude to the group and the celebration of Bambam’s 18th birthday. GOT7 promises that they will continue to do their best and hope to come back to Singapore and performs on a bigger stage in an actual concert in the future.

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