“King of Mask Singer” Gold Lacquer Reveals Difficulty of Keeping Identity a Secret

In the midst of challenging for her third straight title in MBC’s mystery music show “King of Mask Singer,” Gold Lacquer has revealed the difficulty of keeping her identity a secret.

During the May 3 episode of “King of Mask Singer,” the mystery singer took the stage and revealed her true feelings about her undefeated record. “It would be an honor to win a third time, but it isn’t easy wearing this mask,” she said. “My own mother doesn’t know who I am, and I really have the urge to tell. I really want to brag. I’m usually not great at keeping secrets, so I really have to fight the urge,” she said, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, while many fans suspect Gold Lacquer to in fact be f(x) member Luna, her identity will be a mystery as long as she keeps winning.

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