Interviewing Song Triplets Is a Mission Impossible for Reporter on

Entertainment Weekly” reporter Kim Saeng Min took on what was most likely the most challenging interview assignment of his career: getting Song Il Gook‘s triplets to respond to his questions!

He meets up with Song Il Gook and the boys on the set of a commercial they’re filming. He brings dinosaur stickers for them, which he holds out to them as they’re brought onto the set by handlers. When he asks Man Se if he wants them, Man Se smiles happily and says yes.

man se 1

Min Gook also seems interested but his handler doesn’t stop to chat.

min gook 1

Later, when they boys are playing with a car and train set, Kim Saeng Min shows the stickers to Dae Han, who quickly grabs them and stares at them in fascination a little ways away. “Say thank you!” prompts Song Il Gook, and so Dae Han says “Thank you!”

dae han 1

dae han 2

Unfortunately that’s the end of the interaction. “What song did you learn yesterday?” he asks Dae Han, to no reply. It seems that bribing the triplets with stickers isn’t the way to go.

“Who do you like more, your mom or your dad?” he asks Min Gook, who simply turns away from him back to the play set.

He then says “I brought a ball! To give to you!” and tries to give it to the boys, but they are really unimpressed!

“Are you listening to me?” Kim Saeng Min asks, laughing, to absolutely zero response. He then tries to get them interested by singing them their favorite alligator song, but once again they don’t show any sign of interest.

man se min gook dae han 4

Even when he asks Min Gook to tell him his name, Min Gook keeps focusing on the toys, making Kim Saeng Min laugh again and say, “There’s no point in answering me, right?”

min gook 3

He does eventually succeed, with Song Il Gook’s help, in getting a kiss on the cheek from Min Gook! What a lucky guy!

min gook 4

Kim Saeng Min reminds Song Il Gook that the last time he came to interview him while he was filming a solo commercial, Song Il Gook said that it was like a vacation for him. Song Il Gook laughs, “That was then. When I was doing it on my own.” Kim Saeng Min then tries to prompt him by asking if this all doesn’t make him incredibly happy, to which Song Il Gook laughs again and says “Today we’re making money for their tuition.”

song il gook 1

Check out this adorable video below, complete with the boys being entertained by a magician with balloon animals!

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