Super Junior Plays to Full House in Singapore at SUPER SHOW 6

Super Junior was back in Singapore once again on May Day to perform for 8,000 fans at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Members Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun along with Super Junior-M members Henry and Zhoumi, entertained ELFs for three and a half hours, filling the void left by the absent members.

Super Junior SUPERSHOW6_25202s

Super Junior SUPERSHOW6_TG_25136s

The afternoon show started with a video of the members playing secret agents in an “Ocean’s Eleven” themed plot looking for the 10 pieces of treasure. The eight members all decked in gold-embellished military style uniforms then appeared on center stage with a track from their 2005 album “Twins,” a rock version of “Bonamana” and “Sorry, Sorry” with Heechul vigorously hitting the drums and sexily shaking his mane, followed by a recorded video.  I love watching video interludes at a SUPER SHOW because of the effort the crew and artists put in to make each one funny and witty or serious and meaningful.

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During the performance of “She Wants It,” Donghae broke the table legs after dragging it to the side. He was immediately teased about it during the first talk segment. Members gave their greetings in Mandarin and “private limited” English. Donghae gave flying kisses while Siwon said he wants to be our fortune cookie  because “I want to be your fortune.” Yeah,  I know, that was cheesy. Kyuhyun proved he is really something when he kneeled to receive more cheers from fans. Siwon also forced everyone to speak only English.

Heechul rolls out :”Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul. Today. Tomorrow. Tonight. Yesterday (and breaks into Beatles‘ song ‘Yesterday’).” English major? Hee.

Super Junior SUPERSHOW6_25906s

Eunhyuk did better. “Thank you so much. Thank you for coming tonight. Not tonight, Thank you for coming afternoon. You missed me? I missed you so much. Because you are mine.”

Leeteuk tried to sell more albums for sure. “You sexy, free and simple. You like me? You love me? Love me tender… (switches to Elvis Presley mode.)”

The highlights of the show are usually the solo performances, which aren’t always the same at every stop during the tour. Kyuhyun sang two songs- “My Thoughts, Your Memories” and the Chinese version of “At Gwanghwamun.” Kangin’s “Heartbreak” was accompanied by players on strings and percussion while Ryeowook belted out the Mandarin hit “Qi Li Xiang” by Jay Chou.

Fans were wowed by Henry when he gave an energizing performance of Michael Jackson‘s “Smooth Criminal” on violin and his own hit song “Fantastic.” Zhoumi seems to have received more love from fans this time round as the whole stadium cheered for him when he came on stage to sing “Rewind.” In the earlier SUPER SHOWS, it left a bad taste in my mouth when many fans used his solo segment to go for bio breaks. Fans have learned to show respect, well done!

The Donghae and Eunhyuk collaboration delivered “1+1=LOVE” and “Growing Pains.” I’m so buying that album now, love their songs! When it was Siwon’s turn to sing his solo song, Leeteuk accompanied him on stage and revealed to the audience that Siwon was nervous to sing the song. Of course, it turned out to be “Lost Stars,” the same Adam Levine song that Leeteuk sang for his solo segment at earlier stops. Now, what will Leeteuk be singing then? It was a heartfelt rendition of Huh Gak‘s “Hello.” Leeteuk’s powerful vocals shone and surprised many with his smooth delivery during the high notes.

Super Junior’s cosplay used to be fun to watch, but the many variations of Elsa and Anna (Heechul) failed to excite me this time. Only Kyuhyun’s big wig made me laughed when he was invited to come on stage. The introductory video was funnier. Sorry guys, sorry!

Many of us actually shed a tear or two when Shindong’s video for “Don’t Forget” (theme song of “IRIS” originally sang by Baek Ji Young) was played. When the stage’s video screen panned out to show Shindong “on stage,” it looked so real as though he was right there singing the sad song in tears.

Among one of the funny dialogues that night came from Kyuhyun’s mix of English and Mandarin. At first he was certain that the Singapore audience couldn’t understand Mandarin but the ELFs gave a resounding “ke yi!” (Yes, we can) in response. Yet the next word that came out from his mouth was “Minnasan..” (Everyone, in Japanese). Everyone burst out into laughter.

“When see you next time de shi hou (的时候 , when), wo bian de geng shuai, chang de geng hao (我变得更帅, 唱得更好, I will become more handsome and sing better). Ni men xian zai shou kan de shi Gui Xian (你们现在收看的是圭贤, You are watching Kyuhyun now.)” 

While the boys were doing their thank you speeches, Ryeowook was busy bundling all the face towels on stage and threw it out to the fans in the mosh pits. 

Siwon spoke in fluent Mandarin and said he has been busy promoting his movies alone and shared that he’s feeling lethargic with the constant traveling recently. He went on to apologize for his less than perfect performance. Don’t be too hard on yourself Siwon! I’m sure fans will understand!

“I’m not so sure about SUPER SHOW 7 but we have to do it in Singapore so don’t worry. That’s our promise. Singapore is the best place in the world! Just promise us one thing, listen, don’t change your heart. Just be together and see you in our dreams. Thank you Singapore, I love you.” Siwon made a pact with ELFs. With Singapore as the last second leg of SUPER SHOW 6 and the remaining members’ imminent departure for military service, the seventh edition of SUPER SHOW could well be a few years down the road. Till then, farewell Super Junior!


1. “Twins”
2.”Bonamana” (Rock ver.)
3. “Sorry, Sorry” (with Heechul on drums)
4. First video interlude
5. “U”
6. Rap Solo – Eunhyuk
7. “Midnight Blues”
8. “그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)”
9. First Talk Segment
10. “Mr. Simple”
11. Second video interlude.
12. “Don’t Leave Me” (Composed by Siwon)
13. “Islands”
14. Third video interlude (Kyuhyun and Changmin)
15. “My Thoughts, Your Memories” – Kyuhyun
16.  “In Kwanghwamen” (Chinese version) – Kyuhyun.
17. “상심 (Heartbreak)” – Kangin
18. “七里香 (Xi Li Xiang)” – Ryeowook.
19. “This is Love”
20. “Evanesce”
21. Fourth video interlude.
22. “Swing” – Super Junior-M
23. Second Talk Segment
24. “AO” – Super Junior-M
25. “Smooth Criminal” – Henry
26. “Fantastic” – Henry
27. “挽回 (Rewind)” – Zhoumi
28. Third Talk Segment
29. “1+1=LOVE” – Donghae (feat. Eunhyuk)
30. Growing pains. Nice Intro music.
31. Fifth video interlude
32. “Lost Stars” – Siwon
33. “Hello” = Leeteuk”
34. Sixth video interlude
35. Frozen cosplay contest
36. “Rokkugo!!”
37. Seventh video interlude. Don’t forget.
38. “잊지 말아요 (Don’t Forget)” Video ver. – Shindong
39. Fifth Talk Segment
40. “Too Many Beautiful Girls”
41. “Shirt”
42. “Rockstar”
43. “Let’s Dance”
44. Sixth Talk Segment

45. Eighth Video
46. “Mamacita”
47. Seventh Talk Segment
48. “From U”
49. Ending Talk Segment
50. “Haru”

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