A Pink Experience Earthquake While in LA, Reassure Fans They Are Fine

It has been revealed that A Pink experienced an earthquake while in Los Angeles, California during their stay for the 13th annual Korea Times Music Festival, which took place on May 2 at the Hollywood Bowl.

After it was made known that a magnitude 3.8 earthquake shook up the Los Angeles area on May 3 around 4 a.m. (local time), it seems that many fans expressed their concern for the safety of the members.

A Pink’s leader, Chorong, then took to the group’s official Twitter account to reassure fans: “I am starting off my day now! There are people that have been worrying because of the earthquake but we’re okay! I actually had no idea because I was sleeping..Bomi woke me up, but I thought it was a joke so I went back to sleep ㅠㅠ.”


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