Makeup Review: Etude House Color in Liquid Lips, Cherry Lip Gel Patch, and More!

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Hey everyone, it’s Heylinni here 🙂 For us here in Australia, winter has set in and the days are getting pretty gloomy and cold – but that doesn’t mean that our makeup looks have to match the dull weather, or that we should let our lips get all chapped and dry! Even if you’re not facing dry and cold weather right now like me, you should still be prepping your lips. After all, have you ever tried applying lipstick over chapped lips? It’s a total no-no!

Today, I’m going to show you how to prep your lips properly, as well as rock two distinct shades of lipstick, via these new Etude House products I’ve just got. I’ve chosen to go with a bright orange lip and a bold wine red lip! Just tweak your makeup a bit to match the shade, and voila – you’re instantly ready for a fun day or night out!

Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch

I’m recently really getting into lip masks – most specifically, the Cherry Lip Gel Patch from Etude House. I’ve seen SO many blogger and vloggers vouching for it that I felt I had to have a go for myself. It’s a fascinating product in that it’s a lot like a classic face mask, except with a jelly texture, and it’s specifically for your lips. These are super cheap, since they’re only for one-time use, but you can get them in packs of five. To maintain consistently silky lips, you should use them at least once a week.


Okay, to start off, here are my bare lips. Yuck, all dry and chapped because of the lack of moisture in the air. It’s very difficult to treat the lips effectively. So now I’m going to try this Cherry Lip Mask and see how it goes.

titleI like that it’s in the shape of a pair of lips as well. It’s so cute and creative-looking! The texture is super smooth and slippery, and the jelly-like quality soaks up the excess moisture serum really well. The design even has grooves in it, so you know exactly how to place it on your face. At first, I was a little confused about how it would stick, but the jelly quality is super effective and it adheres really easily.

lipsThe lip mask smells so nice, all fruity and cherry-like, so it’s quite soothing to have on your face. To be honest, I didn’t really want to take it off, haha. The only thing is, it looks so funny and weird when I’ve got it on – kind of like I’ve overdone my lips with plastic surgery, or applied too much lipstick. It’s very comfortable though, and you’ll need to keep it on for around 10-15 minutes to ensure that all the moisture is transferred into your lips, leaving them feeling refreshed and repaired.

lipsAs you can see, I’m going for the Kylie Jenner look here 😉


OK! After taking it off, I could see a hugely visible difference. My lips aren’t as flaky and white anymore. We’ve taken the first step to prepping the lips and ensuring a complete, flawless makeup look. This should be enough lip care for most people, but if your lips are in very bad condition, I would suggest giving the Kissful Lip Care Scrub a go as well, since it will further treat and replenish your lips. It contains fine grains of sugar that smooth away dead skin.

Etude House Woo Baby Lip Plumper

Next step is to add some volume to your lips! Big pouts are always in – to achieve the look without having to pay ridiculous amounts for plastic surgery, you can use Etude House Woo Baby Lip Plumper! It’s kind of like a minty menthol product that acts to plump your lips. I didn’t experience any kind of stinging sensation or pain, simply a cooling feeling, creating subtle volume. It was so soothing and felt really nice on my lips 🙂

It comes in a small blue bottle and the applicator brush is really cool and easy to use. It’s like a little plastic nib with springy texture, so you can really press the lip plumper on for maximum effect!


When you apply it, you should do so in outward directions from the center of your lips. This is so it creates an even spread and highlights the middle area of your lips the most, to make a really cute pout.


The effect isn’t over the top, but it does add some volume to your lips to make them look healthy. I love using the lip plumper, and will definitely be adding it to my makeup routine, as it’s such a good prep step before applying lipstick.

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips

Now that all our prep is finished, we can now move onto the really fun part – rocking our lipstick colors! I’ll start with the flirty and light lip look, which is the Etude House Color in Liquid Lips in OR205. It’s a bright orangey color, which could seem strange to some, since orange is such a non-natural color. But if you check out ulzzang makeup trends recently, it seems like orange or a coral tone is a hot item right now, and it actually turns out surprisingly well!


Color In Liquid Lips has a huge variety of shades (20 in total), so if orange isn’t your thing, you can definitely find a shade that suits you. It’s a long-lasting, vivid lip liquid, with full hydration effect. The effect of it being liquid rather than a stick means that it has this water-sliding texture and feels super weightless, as if you’re not wearing anything at all. Most of the shades seem to reflect the (Korean) spring trends of pink, orange, and red, but I enjoy the contrast of wearing them in the winter to brighten up the day.


The packaging is such an illusion! To look at it, you’d initially think that it comes in stick form, but really you need to unscrew the bottom of the lipstick to reveal a melted, liquefied product with wand applicator. It has really intense color and high shine, so it can be bold yet sheer and not over the top. You can choose to wear it as a gradient lip, or solid as I did.


Etude House lip products also always taste really nice. They’ve got a sweet berry flavor to them, which I love. I filled my entire lip to make it look fuller and plumper. I like that it gives off sporty-chic vibes for a cool/cute girl look, instead of being too girly and pink. It adds a unique touch to your makeup. I’m loving this shade so much, I was shamelessly taking heaps of selfies after applying it!! 😀


But if you’re looking for something a little more mature and sexy, I’d suggest going with this deep red lip shade, RD302. Just by altering the color of your lips to something more sensual and dark, you can effectively change the whole vibe you’re giving. That’s why I think lip colors are so important!



I really love how the lip liquid looks overall. It’s so vivid and pigmented, it almost seems like blood. Kind of reminds me of a vampire look, ya know? I feel like it seems a lot darker and more serious than my normal makeup style and adds a hint of glamor and sophistication. This means that it’s a perfect look for nights out in the city!

So that was my complete run down of preparing lips for makeup and also utilizing different shades to create two distinct auras. That’s the power of makeup, right? It can change your vibe so much and create a whole different side of you. These liquid lips are an amazing addition to my makeup bag and they come in so many more colors, which I’m very determined to collect! Hope you learned a little something about these new products! And look forward to my next post!

xx Heylinni

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