Happy Mother's Day: K-Pop Idol Edition

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (for the US)! It is a very special time as we celebrate and thank our moms for everything they have done for us and continue to do for us. Mother’s Day is already an important day, but I think it is a particularly precious day for idols simply because due to their busy schedule, they aren’t able to see their moms (and dads) as much as they would like to.

Although most of the time, we show all the love to our idols, let’s take some time to appreciate and show some love to the mothers who brought them into the world and raised them to be the people they are.

JYJ’s XIA (Kim Junsu) has taken a lot of pictures with his beautiful mother, but do some of these look different to you? It is adorable how his mom will take pictures with any version of XIA, whether real life, cutout, or poster. She even strikes the same pose as him! They always look so close and happy when together. It seems like they have a pretty close relationship. And can I just say his mother looks so young and beautiful? Wow!


For a moment, it looked like Junsu was really sitting there!


This Junsu is real.


This one is not.

Next, we have Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and his lovely mother. If you have watched a lot of Super Junior’s programs, you will probably recognize Eunhyuk’s mother, as she has appeared on their “Star Life Theater” episode. In the episode, she invited all the Super Junior members and their families for a housewarming party and dinner at their home. I love how she shows her love and support to not just her own son, but all of her Super Junior sons! Whether striking similar poses or wearing matching outfits, they look so happy and look like they are truly enjoying each other’s company.


They look even more similar here with the glasses and double peace sign!


As I looked at Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s Instagram, I had to take a second to think about who was the lady in the picture with her. I realized it was none other than Taeyeon’s beautiful mom! From her Instagram picture, it looks like they were modeling or at a photoshoot of some sort. With their matching outfits, arms linked, and loving glances at each other, how could you not smile while looking at this? They look like they’re having so much fun in these photos.


Here’s a bonus picture of baby Taeyeon and her mom! How precious!


Then we have Girls’ Generation Sooyoung and her mom. Sooyoung’s mom has been in the public eye before, as she has appeared on some programs with her daughter, talking about their relationship together. They look adorable in these cute selfies together. They look so much alike that you would not be able to mistake them as mother and daughter!


All the ladies in this family are beauties!


Here’s a fun fact, well it might be kind of sad… When Girls’ Generation performed their “Dear. Mom” song, supposedly, because the girls kept crying while singing the heartfelt ballad, they had to do several takes of the performance. Even in the live performance, you could see Taeyeon keeping her head down and eyes closed because of her emotions. As they sang the song, there were childhood pictures of them and their mothers, with handwritten letters to their moms. On Kim Jung Eun‘s “Chocolate,” Taeyeon revealed that for Girls’ Generation, “mom” is a forbidden word.

Next, we have 2PM‘s Nichkhun! Although many idols don’t get to see their mothers often, it is probably especially difficult for members whose mothers & families are outside of Korea. Nichkhun’s mom has been on various programs with her son, including “We Got Married” and “Mamma Mia.” When Nichkhun and his mom appeared on “Mamma Mia,” she even apologized for her son’s past actions, and they even shared a quick kiss of affection and love. Nichkhun is known to be really close with all of his family members, but I really love the relationship he has with his mom.


If you watched “Roommate,” you were able to witness GOT7‘s Jackson reuniting with his mom and dad and see how he was filled with all these emotions and tears as he saw them. Right when he saw his mom, Jackson burst into tears and they both embraced each other in a tight hug. He must have really missed his mom! It was a very precious moment they shared. The JYP artists are so cute with their moms!

It’s hard when you are still young and living away from your parents, especially your mom because mothers just have this warmth and love that no one else can really give you. That’s why when we do see our favorite idols with their moms, it’s that much more precious because we know how much they really missed their moms. iKON Bobby‘s family lives in the United States and he has been away from them for about  four to five years. When he was on the YG survival show, “Mix & Match,” he had the opportunity to go back home and visit his mom.

Although they are far away from each other, his mom constantly sends him her support, encouragement, and prayers. When he reunited with his mom, they shared hugs and kisses and just laid down together and had heartfelt conversations. I’m glad they continue to have a good mother-son relationship even though they are apart…

There are many other idol singers who have good relationships with their moms. Get ready for some more of the cutest pictures of our favorite singers with their adorable mothers!

BamBam and his mom look so adorable as they have their arms wrapped around each other for a close side hug.



Not only do Mir and his mom look alike, but they are both super hilarious as well. How cute do these two look in their hanboks (traditional Korean outfit) and matching peace signs?


We’ve seen Park Jimin‘s mom a lot when she was a contestant on “K-Pop Star Season 1,” but these two look closer than ever in this close and casual selfie.


2NE1‘s Minzy and her mom could be sisters! Her mom looks so young and hip.


BoA and her mom share the same eye smile. It is so sweet – it looks like they are enjoying each other’s company so much!


SHINee‘s Jonghyun snapping a quick selfie with his lovely mother before a show!


miss A‘s Suzy and her mom in matching sweatshirts on Invincible Youth 2!

Mothers will always have a special place in their child’s heart. And for us fans, we have to appreciate the mothers of K-Pop artists because they are the reason why our favorite idols are in existence! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! Which idol-mother do you admire the most? Comment below and tell me why you are thankful for your own mom!

bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who loves her mom so much and appreciates everything she does for her! She loves all the iKON members, but she especially loves B.I. and Bobby. Lately, she has been enjoying Who Are You – School 2015!  You can connect/follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything Korean entertainment!

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